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Location:Western North Carolina, USA
Last Seen:on 17/12/2008
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Hi! I’m Kim, and I’m thrilled to be here!

I’m a certified spiritual and life coach (I refer to myself as a “spiritual fulfillment coach”), certified spiritual healing practitioner, internet radio co-host, author and entrepreneur. I love assisting others to discover and / or deepen their spiritual fulfillment, control their stress levels, maintain life balance, and achieve unbridaled joy in all areas of their lives! I’m passionate about my work in this world, my loved ones, my spirituality and my life in general!!!

My other passions include reading avidly, singing, writing prose / poetry / songs, composing, creating powerful guided meditations, loving and being loved, a vast variety of music, all things Celtic (especially Irish), counting my blessings, being grateful, making lifelong friends, history, angels, meditation, philosophy, deep conversation, laughter, and working to help make the world a better, more loving place.

Feel free to contact me… I’d love to get to know you! Have a beautiful day!

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Kim is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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G’day Kim, Crickey! Your affirmations are amazing! You are every bit as spiritual and as loving as I am, and I hope that we may eventually become friends. I also loved reading your profile…I find everyone’s lives so fascinating, and yours intrigues me. You have come across to me as a warm and loving soul, with an open heart and mind.
With love, light and protection, Judiann

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5 posts

Hi Kim! Thank you for you wonderful and supportive comments! While I am currently living in “Flyover Country”, I was born and raised in Western NC. I am very pleased to meet you.

I am very impressed with your affirmations list and look forward to learning more from the chance to get to know you.

Thank you for reaching out to welcome me and I am delighted to have you as a friend :)


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Kim, Nice meeting you on the forum pages and reading your profile. My best to you and looking forward to learning from you.

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20 posts

Hi Kim, Thanks for your comments on my site. Your work sounds interesting. I’m a Reiki Teacher and I very much enjoy working with people too. All the best to you !!! Mary Ann

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267 posts

Hi Kim, What an absolutely perfect job description!! How wonderful your life must be. How did you get into this area? How did you end up making an earning out of it? It sounds like we share a lot of common interests and I’d love to hear from you.

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5 posts

Namaste Kim and I appreciate reading your profile and positive contributions here. Blessings.

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lin stapler
3 posts

:) Just dropping by to say hi. Sorry it took me so long to realize that you drop by my profile page.

Cheers = =

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Hi, I noticed you mentioned Kate Bush in your music post. Are you familiar with the tune This Woman’s Work. If not, you would probably like it. It was in the movie “She’s having a baby”. Just thought I’d mention it.

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I think we are kindred spirits. I love Celtic music too. I actually played a couple of places in Ireland. (Not celtic music though.) Have you been there? You would love it. I played at a songwriters night in Dublin. It was amazing. The place was absolutely packed. People couldn’t fit in the seats. They were on the chairs, floors, and lining the walls. And when anyone got up to sing the din came to a complete hush. It was awesome. Another thing that was kool over there. We played in a little town outside Galway, I can’t think of the name right this second, but the thing is, you could just be sitting around in a pub and someone would start singing a song. Man! Can you picture anyone doing that here?

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