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bmindful is a positive affirmation community. There are thousands of tagged (categorized) positive affirmations that you can browse or search through.

Why would you join bmindful?

When you join bmindful you are able to build a list of affirmations from the thousands of available positive affirmations. If the existing affirmations do not suit your needs, you are also able to add your own. When you add your own affirmation it is made available to everyone else so they can benefit from it too.

Joining bmindful also makes you part of this positive affirmation and self development community. You can join in on discussions, encourage others and help yourself and everyone else succeed in their endeavors!

How do I find affirmations that I can use?

The affirmations page is a good place to start. It contains a list of the most recent, and most popular affirmations as well as a clickable tag cloud that lists all of the current categories that affirmations are associated with. You are also able to use the built in search engine located in the navigation bar on every page.

How do I build a list of affirmations?

After signing up and logging in you will see a new icon next to every affirmation. Clicking a little green plus sign adds the affirmation to your list. Clicking a little red minus sign removes the affirmation from your list.

How is this a community?

On top of the sharing of affirmations, every user and affirmation has a profile page where discussion can take place. This discussion can be anything, positive feedback, constructive criticism, support or just general discussion.

How do you make friends on bmindful?

Everyone on bmindful has at least one thing in common - they use positive affirmations. But, to cement the connection, bmindful allows you to see what affirmations people are using. Find people with similar goals and objectives and chat via the comment system. Add each other as friends and help keep each other motivated!

What else does bmindful offer?

On top of the affirmations, there are also a few articles that were written by myself, or other users of the bmindful community. These articles are usually insightful and inspirational.

How long has bmindful been around?

Whilst bmindful is over two years old, the community style site has only recently been completed (Early April, 2007) So its a perfect time to start experimenting and get into it!

What happened to the old site and my affirmations?

The current design replaced the old one, but all affirmations and related information was preserved. If you had an account on the old site you can still use it, and all your affirmations will still be there. One small difference is that you now log in using your email address rather than your username. You should have received an email with your new password information, but if not you can get a new password here

Is this all free?

bmindful is a completely free service. However, some features such as the affirmation MP3s require a contributing membership. You can upgrade your membership here.

I do spend a considerable amount of time every day upgrading, maintaining and moderating the site so donations are also both encouraged and appreciated.

I need some help using the site

If you would like some more detailed information on using bmindful, please visit the site help page or contact me using the feedback form.

What if I have a problem?

If you have a problem of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me via the feedback form. This goes straight to my personal email. I personally respond to every email, but it sometimes takes me a little while.

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