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Throughout my life I have come to value and respect the hightest levels of competition in life, including competing at the 1992 Olympic Swimming trails.

Also, as a IT Specialist I have had the joys of working for Large corporations in both contracting and permanent capacities, and as part of my employement and professional trainings within these organisations I have had the chance to do and learn several things :-

Learn NLP; Become a success/life coach; and many other useful tools to enrich other peoples lives.

I look forward to exchanging ideas and affirmations with everyone on bmindful

Have a Great day Peter

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Peter is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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4 posts

Hi Peter

Love your affirmations! We are magnets for money and all things wonderful from the universe.

Sending you love, light and abundance xxoo

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Hi, your affirmations are great! Peace

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Hi Peter,

I am SO sorry, i stole all of your affirmations!!! I felt like in a candy store, could not choose which cookie I want… so took ALL :) I hope you are OK with it :-)) Please, come to my ‘candy store’ and I hope you find something for yourself, too!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Victoria

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WOW Peter, really good to have you on bmindful. Welcome!

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All is Well!
1571 posts


So wonderful to see you again!

~ HAPPY AFFIRMING.See you on the forum!(:

& best to you in the New Year!!! blessings,selfcare (aka AWP)

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