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I’m a great believer in the power of positive thinking and doing; and affirmations. I’m a voice actor, craftsperson, blogger and podcaster. Exercise, meeting with friends, and going to pubs and on days out with my hubby are favourite activities as well. So glad to have discovered this website. It’s fabby! Many blessings to all.

If you like, you’re most welcome to visit my website and listen to the Quote of the Week, or have a little browse among the inspirational gifts that I’ve created. It’s at:

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PositivelyStefania is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Welcome to bmindful…and thank you for adding me as a friend. I’ve done myself a good turn, and added you as as well.

I briefly checked out your website, and enjoyed. I’m looking forward to creating an appointment with myself just to get into your site a bit more. love, selfcare

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Awww bless! Thank you for the encouragement. :D

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Harley Duck
7 posts

Heya Stefania, great to have you as a friend, I like your affirmations. I wish you all the success, peace and happiness :)

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5 posts

hello my name is Hans sito i am new here just want share this great video with you have your feedback on it.


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1848 posts

Hi PositivelyStefania, wanted to send out a friendly hello. much love.

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