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Location:Foster Nth Victoria
Last Seen:on 23/12/2010
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I am retired although do attend three gardens I care for weekly/ or fortnightly regards owners needs.

When at home I enjoy to listen to audio books as I create beaded artwork or make healing Teddy Bears. I suffer with bi-polar so do my best to take a good walk at a very early hour each morning saying my affirmations as I go. My dog Seth William is my constant companion and best friend.

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12 posts

Wow! Thank you for dropping by and saying hello….and also for the inspiring little message for me. Yes, I was drawn to that particular affirmation because it seemed to best reflect my current reality. I am most positive and I serve as a source of positivity to those around me…but sometimes I lose sight of what I’m doing and self-doubt rears its ugly head. I am so glad to be here where I can recharge, refresh and realign myself. Especially now with a friend like you, Earthgirl! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a wonderful day!


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Pure Essence
116 posts

Hi Earthgirl, hope today has been a gorgous of a day for you, thankyou for wanting to be friends with me, wishing you all the best in everything you desire,kindest regards Dee

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100 posts

Hi Earthgirl,

I’m Maria and am also from Australia. I live in the Hunter Valley.

I loved reading your profile, sounds like you have a lovely and peaceful life.

Shall look forward to getting to know you.


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31 posts

Hi Earth Girl, It is clear to me that we are kindred spirits. I am so happy to see that you appreciate my affirmations. I have just read yours and they feel like food to me…I feel as though I am being replenished and rejuvenated as I read them..aren’t affirmations wonderful? I wish you all the joy, prosperity, health and love you can imagine. X Linda

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3 posts

Hello Dear Friends,

I found so many wonderful comments that I was not so sure at all how to go about saying WOW and THANK YOU!!! :)) to each for the warmth I have received. (I clicked on each little link creator below the comments with the thought that it may allow me to say thank you in one go, so hope it works.)

Great MotherEarth bear hugs to you. This is a most wonderous day, it is a gift that has grown bigger and bigger as it advances. What a buzz.

I am so pleased to feel my self basking within such unconditional sharing and love.

Ye Ha!

Hugs and love EarthGirl.

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2 posts

Hi EarthGirl! Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Thanks for your comment on my affirmation. I gotta be honest though, I copied it from a button a friend of mine had. May you have Great Days and Pleasant Nights! Adios

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12 posts

Hey, EarthGirl! Sorry, I haven’t been around much! Are those more affirmations? May I snatch a few for me??? Giggles…I have been looking at my printed out affirmations though…helps me alot. My work allows me the honor of helping others…and I do run outa gas sometimes! Coming here and having friends like you gets me through. Thank you for that!!

Take care, Dina

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59 posts

Hi earthgirl,You have such a wonderful selection of affirmations.I’ve borrowed some as they compliment my goals so well.I also do beadwork,among other things.Would love to see you’re work sometime..I’m working on a website,so should have pictures of my stuff up soon.Goodluck on you’re goals .Love and peace to you and Seth William.Dawn

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49 posts

G’day there Earth Girl… What a wonderful profile you have! Your affirmations are incredible! I love the fact that you make ‘healing’ teddy bears… oh, thank you so much from all the people whos lives you have helped heal. I’m sorry to hear about your bipolar disorder… you can cure it yourself, as I’m sure you already know…lol. Doing your gardening is a wonderful way to meditate, eh? It’s also a great place to recite your affirmations. Nice to meet you Earth Girl, and keep up the wonderful job that you are doing in your life! With love, light and protection… Judiann :)

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17 posts

“I am the master of my thoughts…” A very powerful affirmation. Thank you. I love your choices and I’m borrowing some for my own. I hope you don’t mind my friending you? I love the idea of “healing” teddy bears. I make stone necklaces for specific health and situational needs.

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267 posts

Hi EarthGirl~ I love your powerful affirmations and reading about you. I was curious about the healing teddy bears. Are they for patients in the hospital? It sounds like such an awesome idea!! MM

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