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I am a work in progress…still refining and purifying my own nature, like the ancient alchemists whose goal was to take bare materials and turn them into gold. (That would make my name Rumpelstilskin!!) My self-transformation has involved taking what is crude or disordered in me and refining it. I have this impulse to perfect, to create order, and to focus on the flaws in order to improve and correct and that is “gue buanget.” When I project it out into the world, it often manifests as extreme “Princess and the Pea” Syndrome. Giggles…I can be the critic, the razor-sharp analyst, the master craftsperson with a reputation for the greatest finesse and polish. I quietly (huh? really?) observe, dissect, and measure everything against my own inner standards of perfection. (Sooo Virgo!!!) Everything must be examined and judged, the acceptable parts ingested and the unacceptable rejected. Rarely do I swallow anything whole. This is true on many levels. Ambiguity, multiplicity, chaos or disarray of any kind vexes me!!! According to those who are closest to me, I can be very critical and demanding of others, in a nagging, petty way. So what, gituloh!!!

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Hello Ardina,

It is wonderful to learn you use the affirmation. “I WILL REMAIN CONFIDENT AND UNAFFECTED BY NEGATIVE ATTITUDES AROUND ME.”

It is so important for me to know that whatever my eyes perceive, is the reflection of what I have attracted to me, and whatever I hear, is what I need as support to help me grow.

That’s, when the affirmation comes into it’s own for me as I am reminded that when another talks down to me, it is not about myself they speak, it is the echo of all that seeks them, that I hear. I know then, I am not the only one on the journey of total unconditional acceptance of self, we all take the journey wether we acknowledge it or not. What another saids is their story, just as what I might say regards another becomes all about me.

I love knowing that to judge, is a reflection of my own self loathing.

I love this little bit of knowledge as well, I wrote it down when it came to me, because it rang ever so true.

It came about, after feeling badly rejected an falling into a heap over what was said.

“Rejection is direction for me to invest me goodness elsewhere.”

Hugs EarthGirl

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Hi Ardina,

I loved reading your profile and the encouraging posts you’ve put on other peoples profiles. You are clearly a very caring and kind person.

I am passionat about personal development and I love networking with like-minded individuals.

Feel free to stay in contact.


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Namaste Ardina, greetings from Michigan USA. I just wanted to let you know that I am dancing in celebration of myself too and I’m right beside you. So glad you’ve landed here at the bmindful community. love and best wishes to you for your journey, Gracey

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hi Ardina thanks for adding me as your friend. i deeply experience joy and happiness to know that you derive positive energy from the universe by meaningfully using the affirmation” I gratefully accept all the health, wealth and happiness that the universe pours into me every day”. i do appreciate your sincere effort to do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way. have a happy weekend.


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