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I have started on a spiritual journey trying to get in touch with my higher self.I want to stop thinking of my needs mostly and see where it is that I can be of service to others daily.Im 28 and I cant help but feel like up to this point Ive been too self involved to really see all the beauty that life has to offer.There is so much beauty in the world and im finnaly starting to notice it and its great.I believe in keeping a positive outlook no matter what is happening.I love Albert Einstein’s quote- “Your imagination is a preview of lifes coming attraction.”

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I love the Einstein quote in your profile!


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I haven`t find my ideal job yet, but I know I will :-)! Thank you for your comment! Stay positive :-)!

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American Lady Bug
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gr8full, I really like your affirmation, I breathe in God and breathe out fear. I’ll be adding that to my affirmations. Thank you!!


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I loved reading that someone so young is interested in helping and improving the community. I only hope my 21 year old daughter can be as mature and giving/loving as yourself. How are you doing with your new journey? Peace and blessings. MM

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