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★for fresh perspective

Meditation and Meditations- Sharing Items of Interest
The Joy of Spiritual Discipline

  • What methods do you use to start over?
  • When external demands are growing—what do you do for yourself to begin again—and get a fresh perspective?


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Great idea for a thread!

I like to go and do something different, usually rock climbing or spending some time with friends.

I also like putting some pink noise on in my head phones and meditating. Reading a book, going for a bike ride or walk.

I used to work harder and harder as demand grew and grew. I’ve recently learned that this is counter productive as far as work output and creativity but more importantly it’s counter productive in terms of satisfaction, motivation and overall happiness and well being.

I’ve finally accepted the fact that there is only so much you can get done in a day / week / month and so long as you prioritize properly then you’ll be okay, and taking time out actually increases productivity and creativity.

On top of that, I’ve realized that I usually get my ideas from outside of the computer screen that I live in for eight or more hours every day and although my work is often rewarding and motivating in itself, I need the ‘down time’ to recuperate and truly appreciate my achievements and life in general.

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

Hi Lee and Laurie.. This is an excellent idea for a thread!

In all honesty, I haven’t yet figure out which method works best for me.
What i will usually do is go for a drive or meditate which will usually result in my falling asleep for an hour or so.

Sometimes I’ll watch some comedy on dvd or you tube. Other times I’ll do much needed cleaning and straightening out around the house or rake leaves in the back yard, weather permitting. Right now, as I type, I’ve got on my EFT Documentary DVD, which is my more popular choice of late since I do find relief when applying it.

Lee, I totally agree with you in so many things that you state in your posts. I could have co-written your last 3 paragraphs above:)

I’ve also come to realize that we’ve been programmed to think that multi-tasking and being stressed is the way life is supposed to be. Almost as if we consider the stress we have “A Badge Of Honor”.

When I was “in therapy”, one of the most useful things I did was to write out a list of things that I could do that would take my mind off my destructive thoughts.

I was given a worksheet to fill out, with columns for each sense – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

These are some of them:

Pick some flowers or leaves, put them in a vase and put them on my desk.
Drink miso soup.
Go for a walk.
Sit in the garden.
Sit in the sun.
Play some Dead Can Dance – Loud.
Talk to a friend.
Take a bath.
Smell a rose.
Take bach flower waters.
Take a nap.
Put on my ballgrown.
Look at the sky.
Snuggle my pillow.

These days, when I need a break from work (ie reboot my brain), I like to play my shakuhachi, drink water, run for 15 minutes or tend the garden.


I like to participate in mindfulness meditation…non doing.just taking about twenty minutes to focus on nothing but my breath.It really clears the mind.If your interested in this type of meditation, which has been proven to help people with everything from anxiety to all kinds of physical pain, I suggest googling Jon Kabat Zinn.He founded the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Clinic @ UMASS and has helped incorperate this budhhist based meditation into America.It has changed my life.

As a nurse I have seen first hand the power we have within ourselves to heal. Meditation and relaxation puts us in touch with our body, and mind which controls everything. Relaxation and meditation have been proven to reduce stress, and lower blood pressure to name just a few of the their benefits.

Here is a site that has some great DVD’s to meditate and relax to.


Check it out and enjoy!!!

Here is a little video about meditation and depression.
Solution for Depressions

Deepak Chopra’s Introduction to Meditation Part 1
The rest of the parts are on the youtube page.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

In response to freygan’s post:
what a lovely list of ideas ,thanks for sharing them

enjoying revisiting this thread, lots here(:



I love to see how everything

truly can


and to be more aware of what my feelings are 'sending'/asking.

I love allowing what I want 

to surface

even more

and watch things materialize

better better better




“I can do everything I need to do easily in a step by step manner everyday. I create a harmonious place to begin and I love the energy I bring to everything I do.”


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

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