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My Goal is to wake up happier every morning.

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The Rising Sun is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Hi PositiveRoads, I responded to you on my profile page..And I too have added you as a friend.(:

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20 posts

Thank you PositiveRoads, I love have like-minded people in my life and you are one of those as are most of the people in bmindful. I added you as a friend also.

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hi PositiveRoads ,welcome to this lovely site .I have not been here a lot lately but been doing some deep thinking and letting go and realising i can be positive .

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Welcome Back Ignited!(:

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This morning when I looked at the recent activity bar, it was so nice to see you here again!

I loved how you are using affirmations!

I grabbed a few from your list.

I am grateful for each experience in my life. - a wonderful 1 of course!

Your next 2 caught me by surprise… not typical ones I’ve seen, though so perfect, so a happy surprise… they were exactly what resonated and what I needed today! Thank you! yours for my -My keep it simple but do it-affirmations(:

When I see a chore that takes less than 2 minutes, I do it immediately.

When I see something out of place, I pick it up and put it away.

Thanks again, and glad you’re here… from 2007 too! Awesome

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