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Location:Melbourne, Australia
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I have social anxiety so I hardly ever leave my home. I read a lot of self development books and psychology books all in an effort to change myself, and I am hoping that affirmations can be one of my powerful tools of change. But besides that things I enjoy: Reading, staying at home isn’t so bad when you know how to lose yourself in a good book. Nature Photography. I am also into technology present day and future technology.

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Hi Eliate,

I’m Maria and I live in the Hunter Valley NSW. I’m new to the bmindful community and am saying ‘hi’ to the Aussies on here and am looking forward to networking with like minded individuals.

Have an awesome day, hope to hear from you soon!


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In response to millionairemaria’s comment: Thanks and hi back. It’s great there is a website like this and your website, that can help people become who they really want to be, no matter where they are in their life. It also helps being part of a community of people with the same ideas. Thanks for the add too.

Make today how you want your whole life to be, because your whole life is made of a lot of todays. :)

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Welcome to bmindful(: Looking forward to hearing more about you(:Check out the introductions thread if you like(: I’m added you as a friend. Feel free to take any affirmations I have, that you might like.

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Yeah, you’re right your profile was empty(: Thanks for sharing who you are w/us. I’m glad you’ve come to bmindful. I think you will find it to be an amazing place filled with warm, caring and upbeat people to move forward in any of the directions you’re interested in pursuing in life(: It’s a pleasure to meet you(:

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I see you like beautiful photos. thought you’d love scoping out “this site”:

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Hey there eliate1(: Welcome Back to Bmindful! Wow 2007!!!We are so glad you’re here!! If you have any questions/comments at all about utilizing the site these days, enjoying your beautiful community … (or… would just like to simply visit and say hi)would truly love to hear from you(: Enjoy! ~~~~~~ Happy affirming/and posting what you love! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare) PS eliate1, a fabulous 2018 to you!(:

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