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I am a highly experienced, compassionate, motivational, Behaviour Therapist, working with many clients with a wide range of personal difficulties or needs. I am dedicated to help people transcend their limiting, negative emotions, and behaviours, and provide them with new alternative methods and strategies, in which they are able to feel empowered and motivated.

I am also an effective communicator, with an innate ability to establish a comfortable rapport quickly and easily, to build trust, and interact with, and relate to most people on all levels.

As someone who is intuitively-attuned to her own energies, I am able to provide understanding and empathy, while helping people to remove their counterproductive emotional patterns successfully. I encourage people to connect with their deepest instincts, to work with their strengths, and to develop more trust in their new direction.

For anyone who is in the process of change, and finding it difficult, then I am happy to share some valuable tips with you, in helping you to make that positive difference in your life.

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Selfcare:I Like Right Now♡˚
1564 posts

WELCOME TO BMINDFUL!!!! Hope to connect with you soon. Your affirmations are wonderful!

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Pure Essence
116 posts

HI Cathy :) ! Welcome to Bmindful xxx I am so sorry in delay in accepting you as a friend, thank you for wanting to be friends with me :)! xxx Loving your affirmations very much especially love “Insight shows us the true nature of experience, intuition and energy, opening us up to a new sense of purpose and illumination” and “The world makes way for the woman who knows where she is going”.

Perfect affirmations xxx :) !

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