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I am a self-published writer of romance books with mystery and Fire! You can see my book at! The title is Ladies on Hold. I also sell kids clothes on my site If you want a free catalog, be sure to mention MK68275 for HUGE savings. I have other ventures I am working on and will share soon. Today is my b-day and 51 feels fantastic! Thanks for having me.

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The above affirmations mean so much to me because I use them in my life daily and they help in build a better prosperity consciousness as well as a peaceful one.!

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Tho dis is coming a little late. Accept my CONGRATULATIONS for adding another year to ur years. May this mark d begining of more ABUNDANCE in ur life.

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Love your affirmations and Thank you for adding me as a friend. You are my first friend here. I appreciate you extending your friendship. Blessing and have awesome manifestations!

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Hi Prosperous1! Welcome to Bmindful! We are so glad you’re here!! If you have any questions/comments at all about posting or starting a thread, adding a friend, …please feel free to ask. Wishing you all the best with your positive affirmations. I hope today finds you closer to your goals and dreams.

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