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★How to change a thought into an action

Veronika Patty wrote on The Positive Thinking Community Blog about how to turn a thought into an action. The article is a great idea, and I found it very interesting, but the article lacked substance in my opinion. I am really interested in exploring this idea.

Veronika Patty states that every action begins with a thought. But what exactly is the catalyst between the thought and the action?

I am interested in writing an article that specifically list the steps to change intention or desire into action. Bmindful is all about the thought process. Affirmations. I am curious how someone goes from the thought process and affirmations to taking action.

What do you think? What are the steps one must take in order to go from thinking about doing something, to actually completing the actions to achieve the thought or desire?

That is a very thought provoking question and I will think on it and get back to you on it.

Bless you and yours,


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I’m currently listening to Napolean Hill’s Laws Of Success course. According to him, action stems from a definite major purpose (goal), backed by a BURNING DESIRE to achieve that goal. When that sort of desire is present, action is inevitable. Anyone that procrastinates, hasn’t enough desire to achieve their ends.

Burning desire might be equated to this: “do or die!”. In such a situation, most of us will do.

According to Tony Robbins, this desire comes from motivation and his method for achieving it is called NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning).

Hope this helps.

would love to see this thread get some action in 2017(:

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