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I’m here because I’m addicted to learning about the human condition. Specifically myself, figuring that through understanding myself I’ll be better able to understand others.

I go about this by learning as much as I can about as much as I can. My current interests include personal development, economics, politics and psychedelics. My current teachers include Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Rogan and Peter Schiff. They teach me via books and audio.

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I like your thoughtful profile. We have a blog you might enjoy in your quest and you might like the affirmations in my profile. Our blog is

I feel much the same way about affirmations as stated in your profile. Trying to improve creates a current state of awareness

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Hello Morgan

I’m fascinated with the human condition too! It’s endless! You might want to check out a book called the Mustard Seed by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). It is a good one. He has incredible insight into the soul.

Also, you may want to check my site out - there’s some articles on there about affirmations and related things. There’s also loads of affirmations and other things that might pique your interest.

All the best


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It’s nice to meet like minded people who see positive affirmations as a way to enhance their life. Their is a web site out their called that sells a product called affirmation charms. These charms help remind the person wearing them of the affirmations they are working on. There’s nothing wrong with cards and post it notes all over the walls and mirrors but these can go with you everywhere you go acting as a constant reminder.

I wish you great success in life with all your doing. Judging by the affirmations on your list you seem destined to have a good life as long as you hold on to the positive affirmations on your list.

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Hi Morgan, I love to see that you seek yourself before others. I have stubbornly arrived at this conclusion, after trying to understand myself through other people’s eyes. To love myself through the love of others. Doesn’t work.

Can contradictions be eliminated? Or at the base of our understanding of all that is human, will we find contraction nestled snugly, smiling gently back at us.

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Hi Morgan, I like Eckhart Tolle too. Have you read A new Earth?

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