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Affirmation Profile: Positive Affirmation #8864

“I eat a diet which is compassionate to all life.”

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Morgan Marley
4 posts

I love this affirmation!

I’m a vegetarian but to me this affirmation doesn’t mean you need to be. It just means you’re conscious when choosing your meals, if you do at meat then at least make sure the animal was treated properly during it’s life.

This not only makes for better tasting meals, you’re also voting with your wallet and discouraging big companies from participating in the kind of disgusting practices they’ve been getting away with for far too long now.

This might also mean choosing to eat organic. The insecticides that are used by big business aren’t compassionate to life at all! This goes beyond the obvious (the insects that this stuff is made to kill) but also the people and animals in the surrounding area, and eventually it comes back to you!

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