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Gary is the founder of - Mixing positive affirmations into your favorite music.

Gary’s an out of the box philosopher, thriving on ideas that better quality of life & shares with others what he learns. His true joy is family - wife, daughter & son. Other interest include but not limited to: TV/Film production, audio/video editing, networking, reading, writing, music, delicious food, playing Golf & Basketball, last but not at all least, entrepreneurship.

Gary’s fascinated by life, he acts according to his own judgment, leads by example, and does not follow the views of others. He believes in his own conjectures but will accept the advice of others when others are right.

“Being a wise person doesn’t mean you are always right, just that you know when others are” -Gary DiGrazia Jr

Gary has spent years educating himself practicing affirmations, studying quantum physics, the law of attraction & meditation. Gary is a student of the works of individuals like… Deepak Chopra Dr.Wayne Dyer Jack Canfield Tony Robbins Napoleon Hill Wallace D. Wattles.

Combined with a thirst for business knowledge as well, he studies… Stephen Covey - Organizational Psychology Steve Jobs - Product Development Peter Drucker - Business Management Seth Godin- Marketing Steve Blank - Customer Development VentureHacks - StartUps

For the past 10 years, Gary has climbed the career ladder within television production, has a great respect for those in his field, praising his accomplishments to the awesome co-workers from various stations he was employed.

December 09, Gary started, a web application that mixes positive affirmations into your favorite music..

” To do anything in life, first you have to believe you can do it. Even if you want to try a Tony Robbins program, you still need to believe you can do it. To change our way of thinking we have to be able to affect thinking at its place of creation. Affirmations train thought creation, MindJamz makes affirmations as listening to your favorite music.” -Gary DiGrazia Jr 2010.

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GaryD is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Welcome :)

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hi ,i love your affirmations and your profile is so intresting

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In response to flowergirl’s comment: Thank you flowergirl, I appreciate your kind words. =D

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