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Affirmation Profile: Positive Affirmation #365

“I have the freedom to do as I choose with my time.”

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I spend too much time caring for others and put my own needs last. I do not think this sets a good example to my children as i see them putting too much importance on the feelings and needs of others at the expense of their own. This is not what i intended. I need to be a better role model. One that displays compassion but also values themselves.

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Great affirmation! Like partette I’m guilty of putting others needs before my own. The flip side of this problem is that in doing so I often ‘take’ from the most important relationships in my life, knowing (or praying) that they’ll be more understanding. I’ve been working on this for a while. So far the following things have helped:

  • saying NO more often to people in both my work and professional lives
  • spending less time on occasional or casual friendships and instead putting it towards the really important ones
  • simplifying my life in terms of my obligations. I’ve sold / given away / closed down web sites so I can focus on the really important ones (like bmindful!)
  • more clearly defining my goals and using my related affirmations more often (about purposeful action and inner vision)
  • ironically, saying NO to myself more often. I often get itches to try our a new hobby or learn more about a particular topic. I note it down and if I’m still interested in a weeks time then I’ll look into it and in the mean time enjoy and existing hobby or learn more about an existing interest.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting. It’s a work in progress, an ongoing challenge, I am getting better though!

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