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★★In the Game of Us VS. The Universe...Persistence is the secret weapon

If you have ever read “Think and grow rich” then I’m sure you are familiar with the chapter on PERSISTENCE.

In a world where success (what ever that may be to you) starts and stops with the individual, PERSISTENCE is the key.

The universe will continue to test and re-test us along our journey to what ever it is that we desire…those that submit to the tough times, the hard moment to moments, the pain, the failure and the fear of the unknown…never achieve that in which they desire…The Universe Won.

Those that remain persistent….keeping their eye on the prize, not giving up for anything no matter how hard it gets, no matter the challenge, no mater when they feel like it just can’t get any worse or harder than this…those that press on, remain persistent WIN…EVERY TIME.

For those reading this that have not read “Think and grow rich” go get it. If you are tight in the pocket book, there are FREE PDF downloads on line but I recommend finding \$10 and buying a paperback copy, get some skin in the game and improve your quality of life.

Think and grow rich isn’t only about money…it’s life lessons in general that can and should be applied to any desire.

Be persistent in everything that you do. Never quit! never give up! In time you will arrive.

 Hi Gary D! Long Time no see. Wishing you well wherever you are. 

Hope you stop by some time! Came across this thread of yours  & thought lets bring into the present...much love to you! much love to all!

Happy Today to everyone !


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My path is clear. My pace is calm and content. My process is Divine. I AM unwavering faith.
I allow blessings of joy & much answered prayer.
Today is a great day to care for yourself with the love you were intended to have without skipping a beat.

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