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Happily divorced, no children and unable to work. I am a Christian who loves God with every ounce of my entire being. I have 35 medical conditions but a very positive outlook on life because of my personal relationship with Jesus. He is the Centre of my life, the reason I am, live, breathe and all. I volunteer where I live and online at various websites such as by leading groups and teams, and I write Self-Help Bible Studies for Christians In Recovery. My dream has always been to help other people get help and see that life can be enjoyable despite your circumstances. I’m a survivor of more than 20 SA and have learned the power and benefits of forgiveness. I constantly am on the outlook for new self-help sites, articles, meditations whether they are Christian or not. If Christian, I take a personal interest in them and if not, I still take an interest in them but pass them on to those I help out. I live life to the fullest and try to be careful with what I say because time and words are two things you cannot get or take back. Jesus is my Rock and Music is my Sanity. I do a wide variety of crafts including crochet, scrap-booking, beading, writing, reading, playing piano, volunteering, working and playing on the computer, researching things, painting, sketching, mandalas, meditation and music. There are more hobbies, but these are the basics. I adore black cats and currently have one that was a stray. Her name is Sweetie and she gave me 5 kittens in 2011 who are all adopted out into good and healthy homes through the Humane Society. My Bible is my Guidebook to my life and Jesus is my Guide along the way. Never, ever, am I alone!

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hi musicmaker just thought i would say hi ,i admire your strong faith and love your hobbies and your posite attitude

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Welcome aboard Musicmaker! Hope you come back often to share and learn.

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To add friends all you have to do it click on their icon or name which will take you to their profile page. Once there there is a little icon at the top of the page which allow you to ask that person to be your friend.

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66 posts

Hi Musicmaker! I’m enjoying your posts, which took me to your bio, which took me to your affirmations. I am so glad you’re here again and doing well.:) Jan

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101 posts

Hi Musicmaker… added you as a friend… admire all the hard work you do…. Kathy

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