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Bmindful Index of Happiness Meetings



We have had so many Happiness Meetings, we could no longer fit them on each Happiness Meeting thread… 

So an index is officially being created. 
It will take a little time … for a complete list which includes links to locate them.

 Thank You for your patience.

The most current meetings will always be placed in this intro post.

Thank you to all who visit, participate and help create Happiness Meetings … past present and future!


Previous Happiness Meeting

Big Picture Planning




Recent Happiness Meeting -

Link -

Happiness/meeting-July16★★Newest★★Lighter With Love 07/16/22





Recent Happiness Meeting:

Happiness meeting: 7/04/22 Creation & Cultivation of Accountability partnering.

Recent Happiness Meeting:Link





06-17-22 The Energy of PossibilitiesLink


Happiness Meeting 06/10/22: The Context of Our LivesLink


Page 1 - Happiness Meeting June 25,’22/Energy of Authenticity, Positivity & Inspired Action Link to Page1

Page 2 Happiness Meeting Recalibrating Energy , Positivity & Inspired Action

Link  to Page 2

green-vortex.jpg (1280×960)

(This is from her Tumbler.) Can I say, YES! This was my issue yesterday. I wanted to be at the end while I was simply beginning. That pushed me right into how I have been a failure in so many ways, and that was all I could see after a point. Thank heavens I realize God is taking me on this journey, and he will go with me one page, one idea, one realization at a time. Love this. ~StaceyDaze

Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’







recent Happiness Meeting Link

Happiness meeting 05/25/2022: The Illumination of Understanding




Recent Link

Happiness Meeting 05/16/22 :Floating Enjoying Being



Recent Happiness Meeting Link

Happiness Meeting 5/8/22: Unforeseen Treasures

Recent Happiness Meeting LINK  

HAPPINESS MTG/04-23-22 Inner Peace , Self Love & Self Care

Recent Happiness Meeting Link

4/11/22: You're MORE than you know





Happiness meeting: 4/3/22 Frugal,functional&dynamic RAMP UP!

RECENT  Happiness Meeting Link:

3/20/22: Your Evolving Self: Filtering energy and Synthesizing New Growth



Recent Happiness Meeting Link:

Happiness Mtg:pg1 It’s Okay To Love Your Journey 3/10/22 (join in anytime)


Earlier Happiness Mtg.



2/13/22: A Meaningful Life: purpose, meaningfulness and higher power


  • 02/02/2022:  Authenticity, Heart and Spirit place.
  • 01/09/2022:  In reverence to the Mysteries of Life.
  • 01/16/2021:  Are you really listening?
  • 12/12/2021:  Journey of soulful rebirth: Your sanctuary. Your Self.
  • 11/03/2021:  Nurturing New Dimensions in Wisdom.
  • 11/18/2021:  Divinely inspired Self Care.
  • 10/12/2021:  Soul voyager: Spiritual attunement, responding to deep changes and the cultivation of Spiritual Health.
  • 10/22/2021: Continuity and Change:  Dancing the Dance of Inner Peace.
  • 08/23/2021:  Ownership of our Energy
  • 07/22/2021:  Acute Self Care
  • 05/20/2021:  Awakening the Divine within.

Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

This  post will eventually be for older Meetings. 

Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

See the source image
Anyone like to create a Happiness Meeting? Express a topic and we can team with you whenever you are ready.

It is almost like any other thread, though a greater opportunity to focus on a topic that you feel will assist you and others. 

Show an interest, and we will help anyway that works(:



Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

See the source image

Major thank you to those who have chaired Happiness Meetings - 

A special thank you to Kathi

and of course 


Both members

have chaired many a beautiful meeting 

Thank you for sharing love and your creative energy 

to assist with the continuity

of these very special themes for all.




Allowing path, pace, process to be ‘just right’

In response to ♡ ˚💖Eternal Present Moment's post:

Thank you for making a perfect index!! Great job!

Now we can find a specific meeting or search for affirmations.


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