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64 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 7. Leading a spiritual life, reading, doing workshops and meeting with people who will help me in my spiritual and self development. We are on many paths taking the same journey to the light November 2008 - That was written 2 yrs ago and I have just updated my age!!!! I have been neglecting the spiritual side of my life for a while now, but am back on track and connecting with like minded people. Jan 2009 - I just took a look at my profile and decided I need to get connected to some more people and to do have some more affirmations, even if I “borrow” them from others

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thanx! Lovely and wonderful affirmations you have yourself! really beautiful. I agree that by hearing and repeating the affirmations, realisation and truly believing strikes…have a fabulous day

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I am using “I am a beautiful being of Light”, reminds me that I act from love. Thanks Freya

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Hi Goddess,

I’m Maria from Australia. I’m new to this community and am introducing myself to members one by one and so thought I’d send you a quick message to say ‘hi’. I love reading all the affirmations on this site and adding them to my profile.

Please feel free to post a message on my profile anytime.

Have an awesome weekend!


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To my bemindful friends, sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while, seem to have lost my focus and sense of where I am going. The fact that I am moving doesn’t help, especially when I am being forced into it by the fact that my landlord sold my unit and the new owners want vacant possession. I am trying to believe that the next place will be better, but it’s hard to give up the trees, birds and the peace that I have felt living here. More later

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Well I certainly lost myself for a while.It is now November 6th 2008 and it was a year ago that I lost my focus!!!! So I moved and the place I moved to has the trees, parrots and peace that I had before but is much nicer, bigger and not as dark. I think I was hiding in the other place as in a cave!!!

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Hi Goddess, great affirmations! My best to you(:

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