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My name is Kimberley and I am 45,Female,and a practicing eclectic witch, very into spirituality and metaphysics,and at the moment though trying to figure out how to balance it with the life I lead outside of these moments of inspiration and putting it all together to heal my self and change my life.

I am studying deeper into earth based spirituality as it truly feels where my spirit needs to be, makes me comforted and balanced and connected, moreso than any other path I’ve looked at over the past 20 or so years when I became a spiritual seeker. I am looking to make friends and am hoping one day to become a spiritual counsellor/teacher/lifecoach. Have just read The Secret and its sequel The Power and am now reading on EFT and anything I can get my hands on for Law of Attraction, if it isn’t already in my library of books I’ve not read yet that is.

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Hi, I’m the madcookieman. There are a lot of nice people here, glad you are here too. I’ll bet you would did Shakti Gawain. You should check out her books.

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I was introduced to sterling silver affirmation jewelry charms by two of my nieces. I was getting into online retailing and it looked like a cool unique idea. I started selling them about 7-8 years ago. It has only been the last two years or so that I have gotten into the Positive Daily Affirmations as a way to enhance my inner self and think positively.

There are a lot of people who sell various products about helping onseself remember the affirmations they are working on. We don’t mean to disrespect their products but we feel ours has the most powerful way to work. You don’t have to pull out a affirmation card. You wear the affirmation as a charm on a necklace and every time you look in the mirror or feel it dangle around your neck you remember the affirmation word. They are very fashionable and made from sterling silver so they’ll last forever. There are over 160 affirmation charms (not all are affirmational) but most are. Consider checking it out at:

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In response to handcraftedcollectibles’s comment: Gee thanks for the advertisement but I don’t like being targeted for products when I’m on a group like this. I realize we may use some of the same affirmations. I like carrying cards and making printouts to tape to my mirror or carry with me. Besides I already wear a pentacle necklace and ring in silver and pewter. I don’t have a problem remembering affirmations as I always carry them with me.

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Hi Learningtoheal! I am new here. I just read your introduction, and the words that caught my eye is co-create. I have not heard of Anita Pathik Law, but I will check her out. I love your affirmations and added some of them for myself! Love…annelene

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Thank you for your frienship! I will go and check the blogtalkradio when i have the chance! I hope you have a wonderful week! Annelene

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