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Location:St. Louis, Missouri
Last Seen:on 09/02/2009
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Well, I’m Kris. I just turned 30, and have been learning about positive affirmations for about a year now. I am forever amazed to see how much what we say and think affects our reality.

I love to write, sing, and paint… sometimes all at once!

Oh yeah, and I just went back to school. Going for a degree in Business Communication, and hope to get my associates degree in about a year!

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Kris is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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8 posts

hi kris.. hope can be my friend.. i always think positive to my new friends.

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52 posts

Best of luck to you in your new journey in school! May it be a wonderful and rewarding experience for you!

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8 posts

wish u all the best!

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59 posts

Hi kris,I just wanted to wish you luck in you’re new journey,hope its lots of fun. By the way,I tried to check out you’re website,but it wouldn’t come up. Do you have some of you’re writing and paintings there? Would love to see them.My son and I are glassblowers,well he is and I’m learning.Isn’t it fun to create beautiful things for yourself and others? Love and peace to you.Dawn

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267 posts

Hi Kris~ What an exciting time in your life. I love going to school and would be happy as a forever student! By the way, I “borrowed” an affirmation of yours that I found beautiful. Take care!!

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American Lady Bug
10 posts

Kris, Do you have Fibro by chance? Jenni

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