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I am a 43 year old woman at a crossroads in life. I have left my last relationship and am living with my sister. I am deciding what to do next. My kids are all grown and gone (me daughter is getting married in December 2008). I am free to do what I want and go where I will for the first time in my life with no attachments. So … I search. My positive affirmations have helped me get that far. I have post it notes cluttering my wall with affirmations on them. I have a small tinkerbell white board in the middle of them. On it is drawn clouds because our positive thoughts create clouds and when there are enough of them, those positive thoughts rain down on you. BUT if you put negative in your clouds, they disapate and you have to start over.

Always looking for more positive thoughts and to surround myself with positive people. This place looks like a wonderful place to do that.

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Hi Wendy, it seems like you are the wonderful place in your life when new great beginnings happen! Good luck and stay positive and happy!! :) I would love to hear more from you!

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It’s nice to meet like minded people who see positive affirmations as a way to enhance their life. Their is a web site out their called that sells a product called affirmation charms. These charms help remind the person wearing them of the affirmations they are working on. There’s nothing wrong with cards and post it notes all over the walls and mirrors but these can go with you everywhere you go acting as a constant reminder.

I wish you great success in life with all your doing. Judging by the affirmations on your list you seem destined to have a good life as long as you hold on to the positive affirmations on your list.

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hello Wendy !! i wish you health and happiness throughout the Christmas season :) Let’s stay in friend !

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left out the word touch in my last post

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