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“I can change my destiny by changing my thoughts”

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So true.

I accidentally found myself open (for the first time) to the Laws of Attraction last week via an affirmation on another website. The affirmation was by Lynn Grabhorn so I read her book “Excuse Me, Your Life is waiting”.

Now I’m looking for practice techniques in learning to control my vibrations. It seems different that Buddhist meditations, which I practice — albeit with mixed results.

I have found a couple of guided meditations online. I guess that’ll have to do, because I’m so darn busy and kind of cheap, so I doubt I’d go looking for someone local to show me how to do it. Are there any books that can show you practice exercises in controlling your vibrations, LOA style?

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I’ve been trying to get into meditation via deep breathing exercises. My mind wanders alot when I’m trying to focus. I did buy a guided meditation CD and she said to let your mind wander but then I’m not paying attention to what she says.

I’m very busy but I have felt good about simple deep controlled breathing for some relaxation benifits.

Maybe being to busy in not conducive to the meditation life style? I think positive affirmations right now are as good as it gets. Check out my positive affirmation blog. Positive Daily Affirmations, Quotes, Self Help Affirmation Blog

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