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I am single and am owned by 2 cats who allow me to live in their home. They are both rescue cats that I found at a place called Cat City in Seattle. I am a So. Calif. native (greater LA area) but prefer living in the pacific northwest. I have lived here more than 12 years.

Spiritually, I consider myself a celtic shaman and believe in a creator. I love the cycles of life and the synchronicity of nature.

I used to be a very negative and depressive person. I believed all of the crap that I was told as a child. Truly, I had to wear waders every day to get through the mire in my mind. It was exhausting. Then I read a book that explained to me how to tell myself the truth and now I love and live by affirmations. Now I have very few bad days and when I do, I often recognize them for what they are and start focusing on my affirmations. Now people gravitate toward me because they know they will feel better after we talk. In the past, they avoided me and my negativity because they knew I would be a drain on their energy. I feel much better in my own skin now even though physically I was much more beautiful back then. I wouldn’t go back to that place for all of the physical beauty in the world.

So, that’s me.

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Thanks for the encouragement DB. It’s wonderful to have a community like this to come to. The positivity here has helped me a great deal. I have spent some time changing my mindset to be more positive and now, thanks to this community, I’m ready to start turning those positive thoughts into action. I look forward to reading your posts. Best wishes, Morgandy

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Thanks db

Words create thoughts and thoughts become deeds. I’ve found a lot of fringe benefits by being a positive person and it really helped me through my recent job hunting experience. So, I can’t thank people like you enough for all of the help and support you have given me.

Thanks Morgandy

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Thanks for your loving energetic email(:

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Morgandy thank you for coming to us, your light shines brightly and am glad for passing us your wisdom as well.

Peace, Mary

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Hi (((((((((((((Morgandy))))))))) I just re signed up do you remember me, I use to be “janymak” own a Bipolar 4 life I was wondering if we can be friends again my new user name is “bp4ls” shortly after joining I had A LOT of negative people in my life from my group and they literally stole most of my members I got very sick I bout this book about “emapthy, and being a Emapth” I find it to be very interesting been trying to get more books, I have an Kind Fire and they are cheap with the Prime account but we are closing on our house so I am saving anywho would like to know if you would like to participate again if not no problem but “Can we be friends here again u are a very empowering person and I believe i am on the right track with my Affirmations i do in a journal then now I have to add them to me list, anywho Have a Great Day

lol Jan

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