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In the new picture of the coming years, my life grows and expands in everything: in health, youth, and unlimited energy at all times and in all circumstances.

I am in complete freedom.

I achieve unlimited growth in my personal capacity, mental power, and intellectual brilliancy.

I see constant improvement in all the elements of my personality and my body.

I experience daily growth in my wisdom, understanding, insight, and realization.

I feel at peace… being in harmony, love, and joy, and my character expands to be stronger and more beautiful.

I see the never-ending betterment of friends, associations, and environments.

I am in everlasting joy and infinite bliss… always

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Hi Lin, Welcome to bmindful! I see you’ve already built a fantastic collection of affirmations and that their all complimentary, make sure you let us all know how you go with them!

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Hi Lin,

Lovely meeting you. I’ve enjoyed reading your forum posts, and just added you as a friend… hope that’s okay with you? Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say “hi”, and wish you a beautiful day.

Love, Kim

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Hi Lin~ I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how beautiful I think your affirmations are. It is obvious you took great care in creating them.

Am enjoying reading your posts, too. Glad I came into contact with such a wonderful person.


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