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Location:Goodyear, AZ
Last Seen:on 19/12/2010
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I enjoy being a healer. I enjoy being creative. Most times I enjoy being a mother of two spritely boys. I enjoy writing for pleasure. I enjoy experiencing my goals come to fruition. I enjoy living in Arizona. (This is a goal that came to fruition.) I enjoy learning. I enjoy the expansion that change brings. I enjoy life.

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Good Morning, Mesmeric Surrender:

In reading your current focus, “being free” caught my eye. I too have been working hard this past year being free. It can be a difficult journey, and I’ve not completely accomplished it, but am close.

Best wishes to you!

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Good morning from Michigan. So glad to meet you here at the bmindful community. On my journey to be free I have discovered many false and limiting beliefs I’ve carried most of my life not to mention the negative thought forms I’ve inherited from family, religion, and culture. I have been at this for some time and I will say it does get easier. Keep the faith, keep on the path. You’re becoming the amazing and beautiful authentic you. love & blessing, Gracey

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What a beautiful website. Thank you from heart to yours! Gracey

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good morning mesmeric surrender! glad to meet you and wanted to say how much i resonate with your affirmations! short and easy to remember and “feel”.

Thank you for your sharing and obvious heartfelt love!

Have a wonderful day! John

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Just wanted to say Hi, and hope that all your dreams will be reality. By being positive, you can accomplish anything! This is a great place with wonderful people.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase Is Online Right Now! SelfcareLivingLifeOfEase
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I am using some of your wonderful affirmations and have added you as friend(: Hope to learn even more about you through this site(: Best Wishes, Laurie

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Hi Mesmeric~ Lucky you from Arizona, must be enjoying the beautiful weather. I think Goodyear is somehow near Phoenix. I haven’t lived in Arizona since 1995 and it is amazing how much I have forgotten - even though I lived there for TEN YEARS!!!

I love your affirmations. I like to read the ones about elevating our vibrations because I want to learn more about that.

Warm regards, MM

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Hi MS, Thanks for your comments on my profile. I enjoyed reading it and found it very helpful at this time. It was just what I needed to read!!

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Your affirmations are full of life, love and feeling. I enjoyed reading them and may add some to my stream. Thank you. Jancydat

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