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Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Last Seen:on 23/07/2008
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Greetings from central Michigan USA to you Imoo in Cape Town, South Africa. I am delighted that you added me as your friend. I checked out your web site, very beautiful and informative. Well done! I have only been involved with drumming one time but would like to find a group to meet with on a regular basis. I look forward to getting to know you. love & blessings, Gracey

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45 posts

Hi Imoo. I checked out the drums on the web and found a number of places in Michigan that drum at least once a month. I’m going to check at Central Michigan University to see if there are any connections there. There is also a Native American Chippewa Tribe just north of where I live. I might make a connection there as well. This would be a fifteen minute drive as opposed to one and a half to two hours. Can you recommend any drumming cd’s that I can use for clients/self? I ususally try to work with cd’s that play 60 minutes or so. I’m off to the farmer’s market Have a great weekend Imoo. I look forward to hearing from you. love & blessings, Gracey

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