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I am an artist, musician, and writer. I love people in general very much, which is the root of my passion to create things. Everything I do I like to leave open to interpretation, so as to possibly give others personal inspiration and/or comfort in their lives. I am so in tune with the energies going on around me at all times that it affects me very much inside. This is the reason I found and joined this website. I need to stay strong for all of the wonderful people I know and meet every day who draw strength from me in some way, as well as keep myself healthy amidst things that aren’t always in accordance with that.

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Mesmeric Surrender
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Hi Moon Pie, “The Universe always works for my greatest and highest good.” I love this one too. It’s my silent mantra.

Mesmeric Surrender

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Great affirmations! Love your name.. Welcome to bmindful! I’ve added you as a friend! I would love to hear your music..

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