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I am a 37yr old woman who was in a car accident which left me with limitations. I got caught up in drugs for a period of time and now have been in recovery for 4 yrs this Nov. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have low self esteem, minimal confidence and wax and wane with giving my life to God and having faith that all things are possible and I am never alone. I am currently in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship. He is, as of late, getting caught up with the internet porn thing and minimizing how often he visits these sites. I just can’t take it!! Also, my family is not talking to me.. They have my son and won’t sign him back over which was promised verbally when I had 1 year clean. They are verbally and emotionally abusive as well. So, I try to build my spirit by working the 12steps and self help as well as outside help and these people break my spirit time and time again. I need to find a way out and this is why I am on this site. I’m willing to try anything to better my views about myself. Intellectually, I KNOW I’m a good person. Emotionally, I’m a wreak!

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Hello Sharon. Allow me to suggest that you use this affirmation: “Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better.” It is a classic affirmation by a man names Emile Coue and incredibly potent. Say it as often as possible. Say it before going to bed. Say it when you get up in the morning. Say it when driving in your car. Say it every chance you get, the more the better. It can be silent or aloud, doesn’t matter, just say it! Keep this up for 30 days and see how your world changes.

Have fun!

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Mesmeric Surrender
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Good Morning Sharon, I think that being here is a good start. As you make the changes that you seek, you will find that you life will unfold change in ways that you could never imagine. May you have all the the things that your heart desires.

Mesmeric Surrender

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Thank you Jason and Mesmeric. I will yake the suggestion of saying the affirmation, “eveeryday in everyway I am getting better and better” That’s easy enough. To update, I now have my son back, since April, only because my mother became too sick herself, to take care of him. I’m were I belong now, with my child. I remain in that crappy relationship I spoke of but I am pulling away, little by little. My focus is on My recovvery, my son and being the emotionally strong woman I know I can be. Thank you for your support. I truely appreciate it. Sharon

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