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••Creator & Executive Producer of OnDaGrindTV & High Vibe FreQz•• ••Director•• ••Writer•• ••LOA Life Coach•• ••Former Emcee & Deejay•• ••Forever a Hiphoppa••

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iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities Is Online Right Now! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities
1003 posts

Great name EyEiZwhatEyEiZ !(: Welcome to Bmindful!! So glad you’re here. If you have any questions/comments at all about utilizing the site, enjoying this beautiful community … (or… would just like to simply visit and say hi)would truly love to hear from you(: Enjoy! ~~~~~~ Happy affirming/posting what you love! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities (aka selfcare)

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AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities Is Online Right Now! AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities
1003 posts

truly loving your affirmations! And once again welcome!

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iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE Is Online Right Now! iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE
5 posts

In response to AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities’s comment: I don’t blame you I’m loving them too! 😂 I love the immense power affirmations have upon altering my mindset and beliefs. I’ve seen many results from my use of them I am constantly telling others how I use and what they do for me. Some actually see the results I get for themselves then become excited and open up in asking me more about them or ask me why they didn’t get results in the past like I do.

Thanks for welcoming me to the site. I got to check it out a little more than usual and really like what I see. It seems like a great community. I look forward to joining in on some more of the forum threads. I love to talk to like minded people who know the power of affirmations, are deliberate creators using the law of attraction for their own greater good and those who are regulars in their vibration so this will be whole lot of fun I’m sure of it. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and thanks again for the warm welcome!

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1474 posts

In response to iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE’s comment: Hello again iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE! Thank you for your kind comment on my profile page. You have awesome energy, and once again … glad you’re here! I say again , because we’ve met via my moderator ;AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities above(:

Not to be confusing (smile) …I now understand I can easily be the moderator and a Bmindful member-participant(: I created that profile early on as a member, when we moved to this location in 2007. It’s quite full… so I enjoy using that profile section as an added space.

Wonderful to hear you are enjoying, and whenever…. (no pressure) it works for you, looking forward to you creating a thread which resonates for you… If you have any questions about getting started…just feel free to ask! Selfcare (aka AlwaysWonderfulPossibilities)

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351 posts

Hi Izuhm! I love your affirmations!!! Great work and phenomenal enthusiasm! Love the energy of creation!! And, you are a great writer!!

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