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Rama Dass at your service

Its wonderful to be here at Bmindful

We are all vibrational living energy spread across eternity in wave like patterns born to manifest our destiny

The technique of Power Meditation is the ancient Law of Attraction practised by Meditation Masters for thousands of years. I will show you how to awaken this energy to create a life you were truly meant to have and I want to teach this amazing Meditation to as many people as possible.

I am also an Inspirational Channel and will tune into your energy and awaken your lost enthusiasm should you require it”

If you would like to talk to me on Skype add me: Slavicknight and let us begin a beautiful and inspiring friendship.

Om Namah Shivaya

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Hi there Urban Yogi, welcome to bmindful. Im from England so Im sure you`ll be fine with me adding you as a friend.

Love Best78

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Thank you best” Its good to be your friend.I am glad you are in England”

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Hello Urban Yogi, I’m not from England..(: though I’m enjoying your posts, and wanted to tell you so(:

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Hi Urban yash I am yash from India I am 24 years, I recently read your post about Binural beats with subliminal messages for tapping and behaviour changes for better progress in life!! Hi can u kindly reffer me some websites which sell effective sublilminal recordings with binurial beats for desired changes in life???

also if you could recomend me some other ways for programming subconscious mind for behaviour patterns and desired changes. Thank you

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Hello Yash Here are 2 good sites to get some free binaural beats and isotones’ See which ones you like and try them out” I would try the 3 theta binaural beats first on this site

Meditation and observing your thoughts are a very powerful combination for change”

A book i recommend is (evolve your brain-the science of changing your mind by(Dr Joe Dispenza) Its fabulous” see link:

his videos are brilliant too” take care Urban Yogi

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Hello Urban Yogi, (: What is:Quantum Physics Music Teaching Meditation? the best to you, Laurie

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In response to Laurie Enjoys This Very Moment’s comment: I feel so silly..I believe you meant..the above with commas between the areas. I took it to mean a new music involving meditation and quantum physics…I just got home..and probably should rest(:

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Hi urban yogi. Thank you for telling me about that quantumyou pdf article. It was really interesting. Im thinking about maybe purchasing the vol 2 version. Do you have vol 2? I see on your profile you teach power meditation and music meditation. Im interested in those as well. Im into music. Im a guitar player. I also take rythym classes from a tabla teacher. Thank you for all of your help urban yogi -joel

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