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★Recording Affirmations: How much equipment needed?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site, so bear with me. It seems like a whole lot of positivity, which is something I need desperately. It’s hard to know where to start.

I’ve decided I want to record some affirmations over some binaural music and use it for morning/evening meditations, studying, and sleep, to get a healthy boost of self-assurance and positivity in my life.

However, when I started learning about recording these affirmations, I quickly learned the microphone on my computer won’t cut it. Professional voice microphones seem to start at about $200 and get much more expensive from there, and apparently I need a preamp too? Although I have some limited experience mixing music and DJing, I’m not an sound expert by any means, nor do I wish to become one to complete this task.

I’m curious if anyone who is familiar with recording affirmations could make a recommendation on the bare minimum equipment needed to record something that isn’t unbearable with hissing/popping noises. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need an expensive mic or preamp. All you need is an inexpensive mic and audacity, which is free. Just record your affirmations and layer them over the music you want. Just adjust the level on the affirmations so that they are barely audible. Open the audiofile you want in audacity and then record a new track with the affirmations.

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In response to themadcookieman’s post:
I knew you’d know(: I was looking for all the great stuff you had posted on this(:

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Making Subliminals can be a lot of fun. I make my own cds and sell them toa friends’
Step1. Make 5 really powerfully made present tense affirmations and pick your theme”“ Abundance,health,weight loss ect’‘
Step2. record them with a really good microphone on your favourite multitrack software”
Step3. Make sure they go around in a really nice loop”
step4. Add your music” preferably nature sounds smooth baroque”
Step5. Make sure you can just barely hear the affirmations under the music or nature sounds. If they are too silent they will not be picked up by the subconcious
Step6. You can also record 5 different affirmations with the same theme on a separate channel and then pan hard left and right so you have two totally different messages going into each ear.This is known as (Stereo Confusion)
Step7 Put in am Alpha binaural beat and blend in the music for maximum effect. The brain likes this and mix in with the music track but not overpower it. Waterfalls are also very good.Get a free one here”


Step6. try the cd out on yourself for 21 days

You have just made your first subliminal”“

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Thanks everyone.. glad to see all the “heavy hitters” on these forums helping out. Still getting acclimated to the complete lack of sarcasm and cynicism that is characteristic of basically every other Internet forum.

While I have your attention, what are some other good activities to boost my jump into positivity? What worked or finally “clicked” for you?

I’ve already reviewed the forums, so I’ve seen and tried to read much of the repositories of useful links, ect. It seems there’s so content, you couldn’t possibly pursue all these strategies & programs at once… any ideas?

*so MUCH content

In response to dmosser’s post:
Hello dmosser!

For each person you encounter on this site you will find they’ve utilized many avenues before, use various things today, and are always willing to see what things work for others and try it out and possibly implement for themselves.

What are your specific goals for yourself? And maybe others can share what worked/works for them based on that..

If you are asking which tools assist us the most for today..I can answer for myself.

  • being true to myself, helping others, self care, self love, prayer, writing, audio tapes, blue mirror exercise, exercise, eating healthy, vision board, relaxation, meditation, prioritizing daily (or more)…and the list goes on

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Yeah that’s what I was looking for… Just a list of sorts so i could see which of those tactics resonate most with me.

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