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★Thoughts on Wonderful  Writing


I would like to hear what writing means to you

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to teaching a skill as complex as writing,”Sarah Ransdell notes. [psychologist Sarah Ransdell, PhD, a writing-cognition researcher]


basic belief “Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw. Keeping a journal of our thoughts, experiences, insights, and learnings promotes mental clarity, exactness, and context.” – Stephen R. Covey

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  • ✎Studies on Writing
  •  • New research sheds light on how to help people juggle the multiple and often contradictory demands of writing
  •  • “…[c]ognitive scientists are attempting to understand the thinking that goes into writing. And they are finding that writing seems to require people to juggle multiple, often conflicting processes simultaneously. In fact, some studies suggest that the messier the thought process, the clearer the prose, says psychologist Sarah Ransdell, PhD, a writing-cognition researcher and professor at Nova Southeastern University” article by Sadie F. Dingfelder
  •  • ✎Writing & Visualization, Affirmation, Cubing and Six Thinking Hats
  •  People who write about what is happening in life notice what is happening and by that greater consciousness and awareness are able to make better choices in life. Doing this also adds meaning and depth to life. If utilized in certain ways , it can help one identify issues and concerns so that they can be more permanently resolved, for greater peace of mind. by Keith Garrick


  • For those who are new… a humble guy with a vision created Bmindful. His name was Lee. Lee kept the site going until 2012. This was what Lee wrote a bit after we moved to this location in 2007…when site shifted from strictly affirmations to a forum focus of sharing…his vision for the forum

It used to take me hours to write articles for bmindful. The huge time commitment required is one of the reasons why I didn’t update the site as often as I’d have liked to and why I asked a few people to contribute articles as well
What took so long? Some articles required research, even if it was just looking for who to credit a quote to. I’d plan out most articles, starting with a point that I was trying to make and working backwards in an attempt to create a legible and easy to understand piece that flowed well, made the point in the most clear and concise way possible and made sure I’d included all the necessary details without babbling on about unrelated or unnessesary things

They weren’t all this way, some of them just flowed from my fingertips and I couldn’t wait to make them live. The majority however never seemed to be perfect and I either released them reluctantly or scrapped them all together
One of the reasons I created this forum was to allow me, and all of you, to just write! Of course it has to be legible but there’s just no need to spend hours editing when your posting to a forum

This is in no way devaluing the content of this forum, the exact opposite in fact! The quick moving, free flowing forum that I intend this to be will be incredibly productive when it comes to sharing ideas, solving problems and maybe, changing the world

I intend this forum to be a soundboard of sorts. No matter how small and insignificant a thought might seem, get it out there and share it with the world! Don’t spend hours editing, just let the thought evolve as you’re putting the proverbial pen to paper

This style of writing is cathartic, helps evolve and mature thoughts and can be incredibly productive and useful for not only yourself but also others reading the post. If it’s a problem you’re writing about, you’ll probably find others that have encountered similar troubles and might have advice or simply find comfort in knowing their not alone

If it’s a learning or observation you’re writing about then the act of writing about it will ensure you don’t forget it, will allow you to expand and reflect on it and posting it to this forum will allow others to benefit from what you’ve just learned

I guess this spontaneous prose style post is trying to say just this, on this forum I don’t want anyone to be afraid to participate in any way they’d like. The bmindful community is supportive and nurturing and the more personalities and points of view we have taking part the better it will be for everyone!


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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Education and preparation (as in everything in life) make up the “oil”
needed once the brain or “the machinery”
is fed the inspiration which is “the fuel”
One could visit a number of our threads and find inspiration and the creativity of others.
What has led to inspiration for me in the past are emotional triggers such as: Joy, Love, Beauty, Outrage, Humor Physical Pain and everyones favorite – Heartbreak. I’d love to know what inspires others to produce through writing or other creative outlets.

As someone who has kept a journal since I was fourteen years old (I’ll be 43 on Wednesday), I can tell you that writing has a major importance in my life.

For one thing, I can go back and read my first five years and remember how I communicated with my mom (who died when I was 19) and relive our good times as the memories of her fade.

My children will have volumes of personal information (hmmmm…should I burn a few?) of what their mother was like in many stages of my life. There are many times when I have questions for my mom on how she would have handled things – and I have no one to turn to. Maybe they can read how I chose to live my life.

One Word of Caution! Words are very powerful! I spent several years of my life in a deep depression. The worse my words were, the worse my life became!! The more I complained, the more bad experiences came rushing into my life. It was a vicious circle!! Don’t fall into that pit!! You can write about bad things, but use it as a tool for learning. Be sure to include the good that came from the bad. You don’t want to bring more and more bad into your life with a negative focus. I could actually read how it started and watch how far down I fell with my words. YUCK!! No one wants that!! Use your words for good!

I take very detailed notes on the excellent books I read that have information that I desire to incorporate in my life. Those are priceless to go back and read.

Laurie, good thread. I like all your ideas.

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

Even when I’m not posting much, I’m still writing a lot.

I use writing in many ways, but most of the time, it’s used to quickly get an idea down so I can come back to it later. This might mean more writing and further clarification, or it might be to simply remember it.

I write in multiple ways too. If it’s just a quick note, I prefer to use a notepad and pen. I use it as an exercise in mindfulness, I write as neatly as I can whilst holding onto the thread of thought. This forces me to get the idea out in a short and succinct way.

Other times, I jump on the computer and open a new document in Google Docs or Bean (a free word processor for the mac, which I love for it’s full screen mode)

I’ll use the computer if I plan on elaborating or editing significantly. This might be because I’m going to be posting it on bmindful, or because the thought is a complicated one and I’m having trouble figuring it all out with a single stream of consciousness.

Sometimes the short ‘seed’ thoughts in my notebook get turned into full blown articles that get posted, or lengthy rants or elaborations that I keep to myself. These lengthier writings are usually and unfortunately done on my computer.

I’ve been looking at ways to get myself away from the computer, so I am trying to use my notepad more. However, when I’m writing something lengthy I just cannot maintain legibility, and the inability to edit my work in there is a significant hindrance to getting my thoughts out in any kind of comprehensible way.

I’ve decided I ‘need’ an Alphasmart NEO as it will allow me to type quickly, whilst not being on the computer (so my eyes don’t get any worse!) and will offer me the portability of a small unit with 700 hours of battery life. I’m just waiting till I get some money in first lol.

I’ve also started reading some more. I’ve always been a big reader, but recently even more so. This is because reading is a great way to be selectively influenced by those writers you’ve come to respect.

I’m currently reading The Great War For Civilization by Robert Fisk, which is a little different to what I would normally read. On top of my regular reading I also plan on revisiting a few of the classics when I get the time.

I find that the influence good writers have on you goes beyond being able to communicate with others, it also helps you to synthesize your own thoughts into something that more accurately reflects your true feelings and emotions.

This makes writing more satisfying. You get more out of it because right there, on the page (or screen) is an exact reflection on how you are feeling right now. I find it comforting when this happens, and the more I read and write, the more it happens.

Of course if you do choose to share your writings, you’ll likely be misinterpreted, but as long as you understand the inevitability and perhaps even beauty of this, you’ll remain satisfied :)

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

I enjoyed rereading the responses on this thread.

note to self-return here(:writing-quote-1.jpg

  • ~


related threads in process
who here loves to write

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

I like this threa and have much to say about it, but, I don’t have time right now. I’ll be back! BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAAAA!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf, J.R.R. Tolkien
I’m Alright
Life Less Ordinary

"you know your probably the only person I know

who has an entire production studio between their ears"



My brain tends to function like my laptop,

 it can store unlimited thoughts quotes songs.

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚‘s post:

I can remember back to being in kindergarten and learning to write my name for the first time in crayon on a piece of paper that the drawing I drew along with learning how to write my name for the first time would be transferred over onto a plastic plate for a keepsake. My mother still has that plate some 35+ years later.

In the 1st grade everyday we were learning to read and write. I really enjoyed those exercises by far the most of any other subject followed by story time when the teacher would read to us.

In the 3rd grade we were taught how to write in cursive. My teacher often praised me but I had a habit of slanting my letters in the opposite direction. She entered me into a district wide contest for the best student handwriting for 3rd graders. Another classmate of mine went on to win the contest. Teachers at my cousins school on the other side of town had seen some of my handwriting and mentioned it to me and my cousins that I had really nice handwriting. I honestly didn’t think it was so special, I just tried to follow the best I could to what my teacher taught us during the lessons. I really didn’t understand what was so great about it and I actually preferred to not write in cursive but writing was fun to me so of course I followed directions and wrote in cursive when instructed to and wasn’t allowed to print even though sometimes we were permitted to print our words which was my favorite way to write. I stopped writing in cursive after the 6th grade altogether to the dismay of my teachers who still often complimented me on my cursive.

Also while in the 3rd grade we would start every morning writing in our journals. Our teacher would write a topic on the chalkboard and we could write in our journal on that topic or we could pick a word out of the dictionary and copy the definition. There were many a morning I wasn’t feeling the topic so I would choose to copy a word in the dictionary which expanded my vocabulary and knowledge of the meaning of words that I still to this day I love to research the etymology of words.

In the 3rd and 4th grades once a week we would do creative writing exercises, usually on Wednesdays or Fridays, and we would write our own story and then read them in front of the class. This was my favorite class assignment of all we ever had to do. I had a blast with those creative writing assignments and I would often think all week about what story I would create next. I really got into creating funny little stories with a moral to the story at the end of each one. We had the freedom to write about whatever we wanted to and end the story as we wanted to. I particularly enjoyed the stories and books that our teachers would read to us that were very imaginative and had a deep moral meaning to them at the end that were different than what seemed like the typical “and they lived happily ever after” endings. I thought the more unique a twist was to end the book was the most thrilling possible way to end stories, sometimes wishing they had no end at all because the stories would take my mind to places unseen that were truly wonderful in just picturing them in my mind. I was almost sad when we finished some books but soon the excitement of the next book to come that the she would be reading to us would take over.

In the 4th grade we had a class art project, which besides writing and reading, art was always something I would thoroughly enjoy doing. This particular art project we made our own little books with pictures we drew and created a hard cover for the book with a taped binding and 20 pages. After having made them we read the story before our own class then were sent in smaller groups to go read them to all the kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade, and 3rd classes. Creative writing was a favorite class assignment of mine.

I loved going to the library and choosing a book that we would have to read and later write a book report that we would have to read in front of the class. I didn’t really enjoy having to stand before the class and read…the kids I went to school with would often exploit any perceived flaw to tease one another and pick on some of us that weren’t as good as those who excelled at reading or didn’t feel pressure standing up before the class. But going to the school library and choosing a book was something I put a lot of effort in. I always wanted to choose the best possible book that would hopefully be such a thrilling book for me that it was something I really looked forward to doing as my homework. If it was a good book I would read more than I had to often finishing the assignment well ahead of time when I had a bad habit of procrastinating on nearly every other classroom or homework assignment, doing them at the last minute.

From the 4th – 6th grade I wrote poetry. My grandfather was a poet, he had hundreds of poems in a book he had handwritten them in. After he had passed away when I was 11 years old my father was given the book and he often talked about having them made into a book and publishing it to fulfill my grandfather’s dream that he never realized. His poems were full of love and religious ideals which wasn’t a side he really showed much of so it was a very different side of him that I got to see when reading his poems. It was something I could really admire about him which I didn’t really admire much else about him because he had quite the temper and was abusive. Which was something that I seen and experienced through my father and then I acted out that same violence to the world around me but I could express all my feelings, except my anger for some reason, I just didn’t think anger really fit within poetry. Then at 12 years old I wrote my first rap song and it was a big deal among my friends and classmates. They really liked it which encouraged me to write more songs. Soon I was performing all on my own whenever and wherever I could and I could express even my anger which I had a whole lot of and this worked as an outlet for me. I got into less trouble when I could just express it through my music. I would write 2-5 songs everyday. By the time I was 15 I was getting noticed by record label executives and I didn’t even have a demo yet. Soon I met others who were my age and just as passionate as I was and they had equipment that we could actually record our own demos and we made our press kits and would send them to major record labels. Instead of writing stories to read I was writing stories in my rhymes, poetry in motion, iz what I often referred to my craft of rapping and emceeing.

I stopped performing & recording at age 20 two years after my first son was born. I kept writing songs up until I was 25 years old.

I spent a lot of time in forums on BBS boards before the internet was a thing. Then started contributing in forums on the interwebs. Mostly in forums dedicated to discussing sports, spiritual matters, politics, music, or whatever that I was moved deeply by.

I never really thought of myself as a “writer” though. People would often tell me how they really liked a post I made and would compliment me and I used to be really terrible at taking compliments and would shrug them off but on the other hand would find myself reacting to unjustified critics. I would get really creative with some posts, but I always had a need to express myself in great detail just as I am doing here. I can’t help it, the words must flow, and even though some would complain and make it a point to tell me to knock it off with the “wall of text” posts or take a lot of pleasure in telling me they didn’t read the post with others joining in agreement with them the thread would turn more into something that mostly only those who wanted to complain would comment about how long my posts usually were with a few that didn’t mind sharing that they actually liked my threads. So the trolling didn’t deter me from continuing contribute as long as I knew there were at least a couple of people who enjoyed my posts. Some would message me privately to give me words of encouragement but they didn’t want to do it publicly in fear of being targeted by the forum trolls. The trolls never really affect me, I learn to exploit them by showing others how to use them for your own personal growth and how their behavior can be used to help others overcome the need to react and allow themselves to be affected by the opinions of others which iz exactly what trolls want to do so they disrupt a thread and take it completely off topic and put all the attention on themselves even if that means being despised by others for their immature behavior. If others weren’t interested in reading my posts I would simply point out that they could very easily have not wasted their time by leaving a nasty comment and choose instead to move on to something they found more enjoyment in rather than that which they claimed brought them no joy at all. Feedback iz always great, constructive criticism iz of value, but opinions are free and unjustified criticism has nothing at all to offer not even to the one expressing it. I didn’t see what their point was in even bothering to try and discourage me, but I can see now how it benefited me in the long run. I learned how to take it all in stride and quit reacting to other people’s intentional negativity or what I psychologically projected as their being negative. That lead to my becoming conscious of what psychological projection even was and liberated me from it.

I would try to keep my posts and comments as short as possible but not expressing myself fully would leave me feeling inadequate. Then I realized the words were thoughts and feelings, they were energy and energy not only needs to be expressed, it wants to be expressed. It’s energy, that iz the purpose of energy to flow and be expressed in many different forms. My realizing that writing was another form for energy to be expressed was a good decade before I even really understood that our bodies are made up of pure positive energy and that everything that iz a thing vibrates and has a frequency. Yet I knew that if I didn’t allow the energy within me to be expressed I would feel discomfort for not having expressed it thoroughly. The thoughts literally would bounce around in my head and if I didn’t release them they would find a less pleasurable means of expression or they would stay within me and the energy would become stagnate (negative) and have an adverse affect on my body causing illness or pain. Repressed emotions often took on the form of colds, headaches, flu like symptoms, phlegm, most often attacking my sinuses, zapping me of energy and motivation.

Within the last 2 years now a lot of people than ever have made it a point to let me know how they really felt about what I share and I spend far less time in forums these days that ever before. I was using social networks in place of the forums but I have recently decided to spend more time writing for myself personally saving much of what I write on my computer some of which I will save to share on my own blog. People will come to my blog to read what I have to share not because they just so happen to be a friend or connection on a social networking site but because they want to read what I have to share. The social networking has run it’s course for me so the next logical step iz for me to start blogging, write some pieces for the purpose of freelancing to build an audience of readers who are attracted to what I have to share.

The only reason I began to even take writing more seriously iz due to those who have reached out to me whether to offer me some encourage, ask to me elaborate, or tell me how what I shared had a big impact on their changing their perspective and the positive outcome it produced for them. Those who had that type of experience reading what I’ve shared stay in contact with me and are often telling me that I should consider writing some books. As long winded as I could be they can appreciate my writing enough that they want to buy whatever book I publish. These are like those who would read the entire wall of text of my long posts like this one here and would ask me to elaborate on certain points that they found to be interesting. Now I am getting a lot more people telling me that a post of mine whether it’s on Instagram or in one of the few forums I will post in now was very timely for them, that they received insight to something that was heavy on their hearts. I know that feeling quite well, it’s the same feeling that drives me to write.

I sometimes write within seconds of waking up in the morning from a good night’s rest, sometimes to record a dream and other times an idea that I personally find a great deal of value in it for me personally. I am sometimes amazed at the things my own subconscious mind will make me conscious of, and will look at what I wrote with utter amazement, like “Wow, that really just came out of me?”

My self worth was pretty low for a number of years despite the talent I had in the making of my music but writing was not something I considered as my gift. I accept it as a gift and a talent now even though I still haven’t come to fully believe in myself. I tend to be highly critical of myself. I will catch myself comparing my writing to great authors with a tremendous amount of success and I love the way they can use words to beautifully express themselves. I’m inspired by them, they become a model of what I want to become as an author but still in my own right. Everyday both my confidence and desire in writing grows a bit more. I have been looking for classes online that I can take and work at my own pace. I haven’t yet found anything that will work for me in that regard. I am being patient and I know that right class will come in divine perfect timing. I’ve made a conscious decision to accept all opportunities if I feel the opportunity includes my giving of something of value to others especially if I must step out of my comfort zone in the process of doing it. I know that’s where the greatest growth iz and when overcoming limited beliefs we fear less and realize we are limitless. I’ve also learned what it really means to be fearless, which doesn’t mean having no fears, it means what it says, to fear less. The polar opposite being fearful, full of fear.

I have a few talents and passions, all of which I am equally passionate about and driven by just as much as I am with writing now but I’ve had far less belief in my ability to write. It’s odd because it’s the one thing I’ve done longer than all of the other gifts of talent I possess. I feel that I am not expressing myself as beautifully as I would like to be. I’ve been looking for a class or even a blog that specifically focuses on using words more descriptively like read in novels. It isn’t novels that I want to write as much as I do personal growth books but I would like to write a book of fiction or two. Maybe one for teens and adults and one for children. I really like to inspire people with the talents that I have come into this world with so it will be no different in whatever I choose to author in the form books or novels.

I tend to create run on sentences which iz a habit I need to break. I can become more clear and concise while expressing myself fully with the right teacher I’m sure. Maybe if I can find an author that I can model I can convince them to be a mentor for me? I’ve had a few authors tell me that I don’t a mentor and that I just need to keep writing and it will take care of itself. They each said that belief iz only holding me back. Their having said that has only caused me to dive deeply within myself to determine if I am only making excuses and have a lack of belief in myself or iz there some merit to my wanting to become a little better before I begin writing my first book? The answer that I have come up with iz that both are true. I still don’t fully believe in myself and maybe I need to get out of my own way and it’s not really myself, the false self, that iz expressing itself but the divine within me that iz expressing itself through me which iz absolutely capable of expressing itself without a mentor. In fact, I’m 90% sure the latter iz accurate. However, I don’t see anything wrong with my wanting to get better to bring me more pleasure in my writing which will only translate in giving more pleasure to the reader, it’s a genuine desire, one of love, that I want to fulfill and I intend to fulfill it. Maybe this upcoming workshop here on bmindful will serve in purpose for me in that regard.

So to answer your question SelfCare, in not so much of a short answer, writing to me iz EVERYTHING! It’s an art, an expression of emotions, creativity, it iz love, it iz God expressing the Higher Self through me, it’s commune with my Creator, it’s connection with myself and with others, it’s a past time for me and a still a very current pleasure for me. It’s the nonphysical and physical joining together conceiving ideas and expressing energy together in a way that allows others to feel what I feel within me, or at least the closest way of going about it other than our having to cultivate our natural ability to communicate telepathically. Words have the power to create and the power to destroy. I only want to create and feel the energy flow through me and share the experience of how it will be received by others.

By the way, before closing, I must say, you seem to the most amazing way of drawing it out of me. As if my having stumbled onto this site merely looking for some affirmations was meant to happen to take me to that next step. Things have certainly been unfolding in a way that iz in line with that desire. For that, I am thankful to you, such a wonderful topic for me to have the opportunity to share that bit of myself with those who care to read all that. I certainly don’t expect all to read it but those who love to write that share this wonderful art form of expression in common with me can understand the wall of text it produced from me.

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.

In response to iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE’s post:

I am enjoying your thoughts and how you present them…

On a forum, it is often a unique experience to share all you have. You keep my attention and I enjoy throughout!

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

In response to iZUHM THA iNFiNiTE’s post:


You take writing
Where the readers
Never been

Soon I hope
To be your
Reading-Writing friend

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to SelfCare/AppreciationView˚‘s post:

Write back at you! (see what I did there? lol)

In response to Poppy’s post:

That’s music to my ears Poppy! It really iz because I love when I’m reading a book how the author can take me places I didn’t go on my own without them and that’s exactly what I want to do when I write and do for those who read my work. You just made my day week with that and it’s only Tuesday! Thank you so much for that wonderful feedback!

There’s no such thing as fiction. Our experiences are constructed within our own imagination. What we believe iz possible iz what we’ll experience. The life we’re living now iz only imagined in some of the minds of other infinite parallel versions of you.


In response to Stillness’s post:

My words definitely sound better coming from my hand and heart and not my mouth and head.

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

This has turned out to be quite a thread! Thanks all! You all are truly fantastic!


I added to intro, what Lee had said about writing in a forum, and the beauty behind the individuality of us all. I must say everyday everyone captures my heart, with how & what they express.


words, pics, long flow and short flow thoughts, poetry, intentions, affirmations, music I love it all.


(maybe my comment belongs on Poppy's Capture My Heart thread, just might...)

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♫Frampton I love enjoying this surrender. It is always beyond my wildest imagination of completion

Whenever I'm not sure if I have a future as an artist

all I do is take a good look at my room for clarity.

do I have to say it lol

creative minds are not necessarally tidy

What do you call a writer who seems to be
overly self conscious?
I don’t know sensitive maybe?
No but that’s very close
the answer we were looking for is "not very often"

We would have also accepted "unemployed""waiter" or "taxi driver"

Okay Woody next selection?

I'll take legends in there own mind again Alex.




I heard it said,and it's true enough



when I FIND THE QUOTE IN MIND I Will post it perhaps.





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