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I used to be a dreadfully depressed person who saw the worst in every person and situation. I was terribly unhappy. Thankfully, those days are gone. Now, I’m one of the happiest people you will ever meet. How did I change? I began to focus on being fully present. I give 100% of my attention to NOW. I do not worry about the past or future. Sure, I can remember the past, even some unpleasantness, but it is only a memory and nothing more. And, I do plan for the future. I’m successful in my career and I am advancing nicely. But I do not delude myself into thinking that I must sacrifice the present to enjoy the future. I enjoy the present, even the parts of it where I work, work, work. How? By being fully present in the moment, I find that I am happy to just be. No kidding. I am thrilled to be alive and feel joy throughout my mind and body. Don’t believe me? Try it. It is incredibly easy and I hope it will work as well for you as it has for me. Best of luck to you all on your incredible journey. I wish you all peace, love, and happiness.

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It’s nice to meet like minded people who see positive affirmations as a way to enhance their life. I look forward to reading a profile about you and to see what you’re all about. I have a long list of affirmations you can look at to get you started.

Their is a web site out their called that sells a product called affirmation charms. These charms help remind the person wearing them of the affirmations they are working on. There’s nothing wrong with cards and post it notes all over the walls and mirrors but these can go with you everywhere you go acting as a constant reminder.

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