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A first-time father with my son born March 2006. Having a son has altered my view of who I am from an internal selfish focus to “Who am I being for my son?”

My child has centred my inspiration, love, focus, accepting myself and being vulnerable.

Thank you Liam for shifting my life’s direction. I appreciate you and I love you!

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Wow! Sam you have a wonderful attitude and I love your affirmations and profile. I just stopped by to wish you all the best in fatherhood. You sound like a wonderful father, full of gratitude. God bless you. Anoushka ;o)

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Sam Katakouzinos
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In response to anoushka_f’s comment:

Thank you!

Having purpose in your life… being an instrument in moulding another’s life… being accepting of such responsibility… gives me a freedom, passion, an outlook… that inspires me to be present, joyous, vulnerable and yes, even wonderful!

Gratitude opens up my eyes to what’s possible in my life and that in others.

luv Sam Katakouzinos xoxoxo

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267 posts

Hi Sam, Thanks for adding me as a friend. It is a pleasure to meet you - and I’m very happy to come across someone who has such a loving and peaceful attitude. All the best to you and your family!! -MM

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106 posts

Hi Sam! Long time no hear? Hope all is still wonderful in family life. Keep in touch! Anoushka :O)

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All is Well!
1571 posts

Love your wonderful affirmations. How are you??

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Cool affirmations!

Cool daddy I bet!!

hiii Liam :-)

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101 posts

Hi Sam, r u still around? how r thungs going?

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