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Hi there, im Neem from Mauritius. Im a sculptor/decorator, specialize in ice, fruits and vegetables carving; butter, chocolate and polystyrene sculpture. backdrop & mural painting,Concrete & soap sculpture. - for photos I decorate different themes buffet in a hotel where i work as chef artist. Im working with affirmation since 1985, my two best affirmation !. I am wanted , needed, accepted, appreciated, treasured, and loved. 2. By day and by night i am being prospered in all my interest. My two best books 1.Bring out the magic in your mind by Al koran 2, Macro-mind power by rebbecca clark Here i wish to befriend all lovers of affirmations .. iI believe we can all learn something from each other… best regards Neem

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Welcome to bmindful!

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I welcome you also! You have some very interesting affirmations. Love to hear more about you! I’ve added you as a friend(:

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Wa-hey!!! A fellow Mauritian on board. Ki nouvelle?? Glad to have you here. I like your affirmations. Good luck with your journey. Love and blessings, Anoushka

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Pure Essence
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Hi neemartist :) xxx Thankyou so much for adding me as a friend, I am very honoured. You have such amazing affirmations, loved reading them all!!!

“I am growing younger and more radiant with beauty, vibrant health, happiness and love” is a very awesome one. kindest regards Denise

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Hi neemartist I also thank you for adding me as your friend. You are really a very creative and talented person. And what great affirmations. Glad to have you with us!

Peace, Godscreation-Mary

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Welcome back,neemartist!! Awesome Awesome affirmations! So very glad you are here again!

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In response to anoushka’s comment: hello nice to hear from you. may find me here

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My life is filled with love, joy, happiness and amazing experiences

I speak words of encouragement to myself.

I am overflowing with a deep sense of peace

I chose these and others from your list! Thank you! & an awesome 2019 to you!

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