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I have big dreams & am using the ‘Laws of the Universe’ to manifest it into fruition.

My website outlines my professional ventures, however, one day I plan to be teaching the Laws of the Universe in a Media Forum.

I love the Universe & love that I have found this Community online - Love your work! woo hoo!

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Sam Tautua is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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Sam Tautua
2 posts

Thankyou DB, very sweet of you. I’m looking forward to working my way around this site asap. I hope you are having an amazing week!

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82 posts

Hi Sam thankyou for adding me as a friend.

I know you’re going to enjoy this site. :)

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8 posts

Hi checked out your site, u have some nice photos, i hope u exceed in your journey:) Looking forward to getting to know u.I have just recently joined as well my name is Jan, I joined in July. I think u will find some amazing,inspiring memebrs here this is truly the most best group/site i have ever joined, very peaceful, positive in sooooo many ways. And i have learned things I have never known excisted, such as therapyies to bring u to your most highest level of achievement, goal or what have u, in your journay and search.

WELCOME lolahugs jan

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Thank you for adding me as a friend. The best to you toward a rewarding journey. Welcome to Bmindful

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