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My name is Julia … I am 30 years old… I have 2 kids…Hailee is 12 y/o and Nevan is 2 in May 2011. I love my kids more than anything in this world :)

I am single as of now.. and in the process of becoming healthy in my mind, body , and spirit.

For the past 2 years since getting pregnant with my son, it has been a constant battle with anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and depression. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Losing weight, quitting smoking, counsilling, groups, medication, u name it.

Now i have read the secret, the power, and come to learn about the LOA ( which i dont agree 100% yet, but i do LOVE IT) I am now..using affirmations as a daily part of my life, and just only started them a few days ago, the result is astounding!!! i am loving this replacing negative old thoughts with new uplifting ones… :) I am starting to realize the power of positive thinking is more than i ever imagined it to be. I also am in a meditation group, and learning all about mindfulness. I hope to make friends on here and hope to find some great affirmations that are suitable for me, and also share a few of mine. xoxox

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Welcome to bmindful.


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My pleasure(:

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82 posts

hello Best78 here Ive just added you as a friend. :)

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