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Well, I’m a batty new ager, and everything I write probably reflects that, right? I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I DO enjoy a lot of people whose spiritual path is different from mine — why be the same, when you can be different. :)

I’m particularly in love with the chakras! A healthy, well-functioning root chakra is the best thing that I ever developed.

I am passionate about body acceptance, and think it’s good that we women in particular love ourselves as we are (size 18 or whatever) and feel good about our bodies, including our bellies and our aging boobies. (I am a bit vocal, but I might as well be honest!)

I’m a part-time lesbian (I say it like it’s a job!), so sometimes that comes through in what I write too. I just think it’s good to act from your internal blueprint, whatever that my be, and mine happens to be wired toward women most of the time.

I’m liking this site and enjoy making connections to new people, so feel free to comment kindly and freely on anything of mine!

Oh, and I’m a bit of a renegade with my affirmations, so I DO sometimes use negatives (like, “I don’t feel so worried about what peope think anymore”) and sometimes don’t even use declarative statements at all (like, “May we all have a strong clear voice”), and guess what — I enjoy breaking the rules sometimes! No need to correct me — I do it intentionally.

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344 posts

Welcome BrightAngel To Bemindful! Your Positive Affirmation Community.

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Welcome to Bmindful! You have picked a Beautiful name!!! I bet you are going to create beautiful affirmations!! Its great to have you here!!!

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going w/self-care flow
135 posts

BrightAngel I too love your affirmations , and will print them for my own use… to enjoy. Wonderful to have you with us at Bmindful(:

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1 post

Thanks for your kind comments guys! I want to get a profile up and go say hi on the forums at some point over the next week or two. Till then, please know that I appreciate the warm welcome!

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1474 posts

Hello Bright Angel!(: I would love (if you choose…of course), for you to stop by this weeks Happiness thread-meeting(: Your affirmations are once again doing wonderful things!!!

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1474 posts

You may notice a couple of emails from your friends(:

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BrightAngel, I continue to be inspired by your affirmations! Just wanted to share that(: Thank you again!!

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Love your affirmations and your avatar too :)

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I added more of your affirmations to the Peace of Spirit thread. I’m loving these:

“I know how to choose a perception that is comforting, challenging or meaningful. I make my choices, and I mostly like to choose to perceive my situation in a kind way, as an opportunity, or as a gift.”

I accept a frequency of divine love, and I embody energies of acceptance and understanding, into my words, into my feeling space and into my imagination

Life offers me many opportunities. When I look for opportunities to display goodness and gentleness, I can always find them. When I need a chance to strengthen joyful news and leadership, I can find those opportunities. Abundance of opportunity here.

I am swimming in opportunity and abundance. I don’t need to ask for opportunity, but just to look for it. The question is only, “where shall I look?” And “What am I not seeing?

I am unconditionally loving and inspired to simply EXIST from a place of spiritual wealth and divine riches.

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300 posts

Congratulations on your Award, sending you waves of love and appreciation.

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