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My name is Jan, I am here to give and get support with Affirmations and sharing them. I am a little shy so I probably will just read the boards.

My old name here was “bp4ls” on my fault lost my email and pass word when my computer got restored from a virus. I tried to get a hold of someone here but all is well I am happy to be able to come back as a full member.

I run and own a support group for Mental Health and Wellness that is where I spend most of my time but I am going to really try to give to myself here as I find myself lost some times.

My group name is Bipolar 4 Life Support but it isn’t just for Bipolar it is for any mental health issues that we as being diagnosed struggle with daily it is great feeling less alone, if you would like to take a peak it is at you get a free life time membership with all it’s features such a Blogs with many features of its own gallerys games etc….

I am Bipolar myself and here I think is so valuable to me to come and read and see how many people have come along so well.

Ok that’s enough about me Hope to get to know the people back to my friends before and many more : )

Peace Jan

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Hi Jan ,lovely to see your new profile and your affirmations are great .

Look forwards to chatting with you and encouraging each other ,love flowergirl

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Hi Janice, welcome back!

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