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As I start to understand the newness of life that I have entered when I embarked on my journey, it is possible to create your own reality through what you keep in your thoughts. This to me was a revelation but also a goal to make it a habit.

I am content to live in the here and now and to enjoy the small wonders around me, listening to my inner voice and guidance. I truly believe that God’s purpose for my life is becoming clearer and that the opportunities that present themselves to honour that purpose will not pass me by.

I want to be happy and to have joy as my natural state of mind …

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Love your affirmations! Thanks for adding me as a friend!

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52 posts

Thanks for leaving a comment on my profile. Unfortunately, there is a problem with my profile right now & the bottom (where the comments are) won’t display. They are working on fixing it. Guess I have too many affirmations!

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