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I’m starting at the very beginning. Looking to create/attract more positives in my life.

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ZweetGreenz is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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This sight is a great way to start your day. No matter how I’m feeling, I always come away from here feeling great! Hope it’s the same for you. It’s amazing how positive thoughts can change your whole day around for the better. Welcome and enjoy!

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In response to wpmama’s comment: Thanks, wpmama! I hope to soak up some positive here regularly - not much of it in my life right now so trying to cut the negatives and build and attract the positives. I’ll be here in morning and evening. Going to print out my affirmations and format them into a wallet-sized foldout card, and read a few of them into mp3’s to add between songs on my gym playlist. Maybe write them in lipstick on the mirrors, too. ha!

This seems like a wonderful site and a great group of people. Thanks for christening my comments!

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It’s nice to meet like minded people who see positive affirmations as a way to enhance their life. Their is a web site out their called that sells a product called affirmation charms. These charms help remind the person wearing them of the affirmations they are working on. There’s nothing wrong with cards and post it notes all over the walls and mirrors but these can go with you everywhere you go acting as a constant reminder.

I wish you great success in life with all your doing. Judging by the affirmations on your list you seem destined to have a good life as long as you hold on to the positive affirmations on your list.

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