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Which web browser do you use?

Being a web developer I’m a big fan of the WebKit rendering engine so I’m happy to use any WebKit based browser, especially Safari or Google Chrome.

I use Linux on my little Asus EEE PC and prefer Opera over Firefox as on the slower processer it seems more responsive and a little less bloated. There are other alternative Linux compatible browsers out there, even WebKit based ones, but personally I don’t find any of them to be very polished.

As a web devloper I despise Internet Explorer and as an end user I can’t understand why people continue to frustrate themselves with it :)

These days I’m spending most of my time in Opera. It has some cool features (such as the quick dial) I’d actually prefer to use Safari but as one of my computers is Linux based (and thus can’t run Safari) I find it easier to stick with one browser to reduce confusion when switching between computers. I’m easily confused :)

Which browser do you use?

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

After reading your post Lee, I will sound computer illiterate, but I’m not. The thing about computers is that you tend to know very well the things that you use all the time and only discover what other buttons do by accident half the time. I use Firefox for the Internet and Thunderbird for emails. When I was using Outlook Express and Bigpond I received so many spam emails. With my new server and new email service I get none at all.

Firefox and Thunderbird is a great combo, I’ve used and appreciate both. Outlook Express is the worst email client on the face of the earth, I’m so glad you’ve moved over to something decent! :)

Speaking of something decent (WebKit!) this is the best news I’ve heard all week: Microsoft considers adopting WebKit for Internet Explorer – I very much hope this happens!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

I am a recent Safari convert as now I use a mac for most of my computer related things. I came from Firefox though and if I need to dig out the PC for a while I can usually function fairly well with Firefox too.

i use Firefox at home and ive just bought a new macbook so i’m learning the ins and outs of Safari, at work i have to use IE >:( also there is an internet filter that blocks everything but fortunately i have discovered a good firewall site, www.youhide.com hehehe

FireFox with add-ons:
-NoScript (to disable all but needed js)
-PlainOldFavorites (to easily share Favorites/Bookmarks between FF & IE)
-Cookie Button in the status bar (to manage cookies faster and easier)
-CustomizeGoogle (to disable some google tracking & ads, tweak google search, etc)
-FoxClocks (to display time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo where my “adopted soldiers” are deployed)
-IE View Lite (to force certain sites to open in gag IE)
-Roboform (to securely manage passwords and logins)
-Web Developer (web dev tools)
-DownloadThemAll (to supposedly download videos but not likin’ it)
-RefControl (so I can make a stupid ref for myself and filter me out of the server logs on my client’s sites since I don’t have a static ip)

I use IE for site testing purposes since most people still use it. Also for backup browser since some sites don’t work correctly on FF.

I use firefox mostly. I don’t even test in IE anymore… I dislike IE.

However, I code CSS pretty much lowest common denominator, if anything is out, my client will tell me LOL. They use IE.

I’m on a mac book – love it, don’t use Safari much… it’s there but I like my firefox extensions.


If anyone’s curious what a particular page looks like across a multitude of browsers, check www.browsershots.org. Kinda interesting to see … or at least from this geeky woman’s perspective.

Good to see other web developers here :) Even better to see people using alternative browsers when they aren’t web developers.

I still test in IE, unfortunately it’s still BY FAR the most widely used browser, on my sites at least :(

ZweetGreenz, browsershots has been down for me for yonks, so glad to see it’s finally back up!

“How easy it is in our life, to miss what’s being offered.” — Paul Haller

i just got the Inquisitor plugin for Safari which is a helpful little thing for the search bar, must install!

I use Firefox, Google mail for documents and Mozilla Thunderbird for emails containing images. This great combination works for me!

“Well behaved women rarely make history.”

—Laura Thatcher Ulrich

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