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Che Garman is the creator and author of the Affirm Your Life and Empowering Quotes websites, and inspires the world at large on Twitter at AffirmYourLife and EmpoweredLife. Che is also the developer of the AffirmYourLife iPhone app.

Affirm Your Life is a website dedicated to all those who wish to empower their lives through the use of positive affirmations.

The Affirmations Directory provides a list of 90 categories of affirmations. Each category provides a long list of ready-made affirmations for your personal use. They can be used as written, or as a template for creating your own personal, self-improvement statements.

Daily Affirmations provides one affirmation per day, paired with a photo or graphic. These can be printed and used as visual reminders for those areas of your life you wish to empower. If you would like to learn more about writing or using affirmations, there are also detailed How To pages.

There are also hundreds of Quotation pages available, as well as a Daily Quotation provided through the sister site, Empowering Quotes.

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Che Garman is a proactive, positive person just like yourself!
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It is an honor to have you as a contributing member of this site. Welcome! And thank you for adding me as a friend. I have added you as well.

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Che Garman
3 posts

Thank you so much! I feel a bit guilty as I actually joined bmindful at the same time I started work on the Affirm Your Life website - in 2008 (a long time ago). I just got so busy with the developing the site and afterwards with so many social media networks that I was more than overwhelmed with the work. But I am really happy to now be able to be active on bmindful, and offer my favorite affirmations to this community. I also hope to get involved in the forums in the near future :)

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We have all prospered from your material. Much of the material I chose for a thread entitled An Affirmation Thread was filled with links from your site. You have been contributing to bmindful for longer than you realize(:

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Che Garman
3 posts

Thanks so much for sharing Affirm Your Life content here on bmindful. I am planning to post the 9 Rules and 8 Levels (edited to 10 Levels now)in the near future… once I learn the Markdown Syntax material so I can post with images :)

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