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Here is where I was less than a year ago: Unhappy, worried, unable to move past unwanted behaviors,in pain, angry, resentful and full of blame.

If you are like I was and really struggle to create the change you want, there is a reason for this.

The reason why you are unable to create what you want is because of these imprinted negative beliefs that are deep in your subconscious that you are not even aware of. You can try all you want to discipline yourself, use affirmations, keep trying new diets, new partners but all you will end up with is feeling frustrated, alone and sad.

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Hey Maryre, First off: I wish you all the best with your coaching business!

I got a question… actually two :) One: How do I pronounce your name? Is it Mary-ray or Mary-ree? Two: Have you ever heard of Amy Ahlers? She also works with women in helping them change their self talk and finding their happiness.


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It Mary Re is the first two letters of my last name. I never heard of Amy Ahlers but will Google her. Thanks.

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