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★Helping Others

Recently I have been very busy helping two senior citizens who are both disabled. It shocks me to see how cold some people are towards these women. They are ages 68 and 98 people are short and cruel.

Both are on the verge of being homeless. They have very little money between them. Society looks at them with disgust. People have actually said to me, “Are you related to them?” No I said, “Then why are you helping them? I sure wouldn’t get envolved.” We live in a society that is all about ME. What I loved so much about the Silva Mind Control method or any method you choose should include helping others. Whatever good you do should affect three other people as well.

Should everyone do that no matter what program you are in or not it would make this life a lot better for all of us.

I started a petition to help people who sell on lunch trucks because they want to start getting rid of them. What people don’t understand is that is how the Big Corporations got rid of the mom and pop stores.

Now if you are cooking and need a bell pepper you have to drive to the store and wait in lines and sometimes you have to pay for parking as well. Using gas and fighting against traffic. That’s one of the major reasons I started my own garden. Yes it takes time to keep things clean and keep it up. It is both serene and useful. To go out to my own garden and pick my fruit or vegetables is wonderful. All I have to do is walk right out to my garden. No gas, no traffic, no lines. Can’t get any better then that.

This is exactly what we did years back. Now we are infested with Genetically Modified fruits and vegetables whose seeds die after one year. And we are ingesting it?

It is important to stand up for our fellow man or we will continue on this downward spiral. We are all important to one another.


When we treat others with dignity and respect we are helping more than just three…We honor them, we honor ourselves, and we help all who see or hear of our deeds to examine their thoughts and actions and we model right and good. It is always important to stand up for others and know that we are making a positive difference in their lives as well as in ours. Good for you!

Words are like seeds. When you write them out, they grow into your dreams and spark the imagination of others.

In response to Poppy’s post:

Thank you for your comments Poppy it is nice to see others feel the same. Many blessings to you.


In response to godscreation’s post:
What’s wrong with society?!
We can effect change by our actions. You are doing it (effecting change) by helping those older ladies. Believe me when I tell you that the people who have been questioning your actions have been thinking. Maybe they’re not there yet, but they are on the way to making a change. It may take more positive influence, but they are not hopelessly lost!

There are a lot of good people in this world!

Your actions and your attitudes are contagious – you are helping others become aware and perhaps change thier views.

I try to stay mindful too that we are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge and awareness that we have at this time. Those that judge and reject your elderly friends aren’t bad people, they just haven’t learned better yet.

We all do the best we can until we know better.

You are helping guide them into the direction of compassion and love….blessings to you and to them.

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In response to BKW’s post:

Once again you are both right it just shocks me when I hear the things people say. It is true that now they know people still want to help and it can open their minds especially depending on what you say.

When one women told me “are you related” I responded, “No I’m not but one day I will be older or sick and will need help I hope someone will be there for me as well.” They looked at me and started pondering. Yes! I hadn’t thought about that since most of the people I know don’t act like that. Thank you for reminding me. Blessings to you all.


Hi Mary,
Even when I was younger, I noticed that young people have little patience and empathy for the older generation. My mom used to take me to the local senior citizens center to “play” with the old folks. I used to sing and dance for them (as only a child can – just with love in my heart and very little talent). My little sisters and I used to listen to their stories with complete and utter fascination for hours. My mom instilled the need for respect for the older generations.

You will be happy to know that I am doing the same for my children. There are those of us who appreciate the older generation and are passing that same value on to the future generations. Hold these thoughts in your heart and radiate it out to the population. Be of love and you will find it everywhere. People – such as these two women – will be attracted to you. There is plenty of good to spread!! I’m glad you are there for us!!

I am living in many dimensions at once; the appearance of being trapped in time and space is only an illusion.

In response to meditatingmama’s post:

Thank you MM it feels wonderful when I know that they are doing better. They have a little to go yet but are being relieved of that situation. I like that you have taught your children to give time and love to those getting older including me! I have started a journal of cooking tips for my son. There are certain dishes he likes and I don’t want to leave this Earth without leaving him moms favorite receipes!


In response to Godscreation’s post:
You are a wonderful loving lady. It’s true there are many who don’t know how to care, or wish not to…Though thank God for people like you!

I would like to thank all of you for your support and understanding during this difficult time. I am very happy to say that these ladies are now living in a loving home. They are now being protected by loving family members who came forward after they saw an effort done by someone who was not part of their family.

Now my friend can go to the doctor and have her test done and won’t worry about her mother. There is someone there who will take care of her. Now I can sit back and rest. It worried me that they were alone and at the mercy of that landlord and his cruelty. Miracles still exist.


In response to Godscreation’s post:
God sends people like you when he cannot be there personally.

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

There are angels among us and you truly are one of them. There is hope for our planet because everyday I see beauty in the world and can sense the change that is happening as someone new opens their spiritual eyes and sees the truth of life. Never give up on us, because everyday is a learning period. If each of us does one great deed a day soon the world will follow. God sends us his messengers and we are starting to listen WooHoo.

Attitude Life Coach, helping others to see the Power of a Positive Attitude with Affirmations and Gratitudes, Learn to be The Creator of Your Life.

I am so thankful for so many of you and your support. May each and every one of you have an abundance of blessings.


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