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★What are you doing to put your health first??

I am trying to focus more on putting my health first. Every day, I am interested in making better choices, and getting more in tune with what I need.

For me, I need more regular work schedule, and regular sleep. This should allow me to start having a more regular morning exercise routine. Next, I plan to cut back on eating out, and start adding more fresh fruit.

Thanks Kathi for this awesome thread! I am taking the time to see what has worked very well for myself, and attempt a bit of trial error areas; ex. meal-creating. [I’m contemplating more types of meals… getting new ideas]

…deciding how to organize foods in my home (main fridge,mini-fridge, freezer, and pantry).

I’ve also purchased (an array of) little glass jars. for 1.healthier storage 2. convenient meals for work and 3. simple access to eating what I’m choosing to include more of.

Other areas of my life that I am focusing on include my personal environment (my home) and enjoying nature more where I live and future travels.. After my recent vacation…I truly felt added wonderful reinforcement for things that matter to me…

I will be back to visit your thread to reinforce these and other significant ideas… (:

In response to AppreciationView˚‘s post:
Glad that you like this!

I am in a place, now, where my health is the most important thing to me. I work a lot, and I now, I feel like its totally time to bring balance into my life. Its all about choice. I’m exhausted, and this is just not what I am committed to.

Soon, I want to take a week vacation, and return to Marble, Colorado, and go camping for one week, and spend time with my daughter. There is so much that I want to do with that week, its so precious! Glenwood springs has the hot springs spa, and I love spending a few hours there, and then got spend time relaxing in the hot spring pool. The nights are cool, and the days are sunny and warm. The mountains are amazing, and the Crystal river is icy cold!


2018 is filled with beautiful intentions which I'm bringing to the forefront of my living from the inside out....

I began a food diary- everything I ingest... from a food, beverage,  to a food supplement (vitamin) to the occasional OTC 

My goal is:

to see what I'm doing

how things make me feel

what I'd like to do less of, do more of or not at all.

I've done this before...though its a new day, a new year, and I want this now(:



Thank you again Kathi for creating this thread!!! Its very valuable! Love it!! It has been awhile since I've seen this. 

Today my health speaks to me in wonderful routines

You can do everything you need to do easily in a step by step manner everyday. You create a harmonious place to begin and you love the energy you bring to everything you do.

One thing that works for me is to start the  day with affirmations and  intentions which  center me...allowing my  best self... to be in harmony with my self, others .. the  day... the universe

Another is to create a morning daily health ritual... stretching, protein drink or something as

simple as drinking a beautiful   glassphoto-1533418683768-0a94fc845371?ixlib=rb-0.3.5&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&s=7836c98ae55a831cceb686b559654696&auto=format&fit=crop&w=500&q=60

of lemon water.





related article-water and mood



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