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★Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Hello Bmindful community!

Here is another one liner. Please feel free to join in, and find joy and contemplation as we choose affirming thoughts about our current energy for which we set about with praise, purpose, passion and play!!

Please join in from where ever you find yourself, and choose one word, or one focused topic that you find that nurtures your spirit!!

I’m kind of in the mood for deep thought. Feel like pulling back for clarity and new direction.

Praise…for this day. Gratitude… in all things, and in all relationships. Graciously, I am willing to bring peace and to speak peace.

Purpose: Manifest liberation, affirmations, inclusion and unity.

Passion: Embracing health and staying in contemplation about what perfect health offers…

Play: Enjoying the unexpected!

Awesome Kathy! wonderful thread! Looking forward to joining in later today(:

(inspirational post too!! Love It!! I share your thoughts…enjoy how you’ve expressed!!

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise…for being here…

gratitude for the ability to feel connected and creative with awesome aspects of life (people, places, things)

Purpose: to love (demonstratively) in better better ways

Passion: to utilize the wisdom of experience in areas which serve myself and others… and stay open for more
 Play: incorporate even heartier moments of joy in all areas of my life

(looking forward to utilizing his exercise regularly for greater clarity, intentions & co-creating) (:

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise I’m praising my abilities to take care of me

Gratitude I’m having gratitude for doing things I told myself would benefit me

Purpose – regular realizations how I Can create a better life

Passionate I am passionate about living what truly helps me and enjoying meeting others who enjoy creating what works for them

Play I enjoy creating fun from the inside out

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise I’m praising myself in moving forward… from my heart to each action.

Gratitude I have gratitude for all of my experiences

Purpose – I love how my purpose has become so simple and evident

Passionate I am passionate about living my life

Play I have always enjoyed the feeling of fun that goes into …a plan or a way of being.

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise for all of the abundance of gifts: family, friends, neighbors, business colleagues, and all whose path we get to cross; for all of our needs, and for how we go about creating contribution and abundance.

Purpose: Growing and choosing my area of focus and contribution.

Passion: Seeing the light and energy in others. Empowering others. Feeling the wellness, the goodness and the passions of others.

Play: Enjoying life’s synchronicities and happenstances! Loving to play!!

In response to Kathi’s post:
love that Kathi!

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise- for a compassionate Creator
Praise- for my compassionate creative process which help create my thoughts to care about me/others
Purpose- Love
Passion- for all that involves a loving spirit
Play -feeling the spirit of play utilizes… in the most serious things I value. When I encounter the many I engage with at work… I allow myself to come from a loving playful place, which allows my busy day to flow and still serve.


I Am living a Divine plan

Praise- for being able to experience this moment
Purpose- Seeing life through the eyes of ease
Passion- for all that involves my loving spirit and connects with a loving universe
Play – allowing life to be a playground of positive connections/interactions/manifesting things which are of value to me.

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise for the Glorious NOW. Our glorious health, our glorious heart… I AM flowing with the abundance of a loving and a connected universe, that allows people and events to occur exactly as they are!

Purpose: Keep rising. Keep learning. Keep digging for the wisdom and the passion for peace and for connection…

Passion: To embrace my spiritual path… To serve others as I encounter them in my profession. And, to pray for all the people I encounter. Praying for their highest and their best good…

Play: Enjoying this moment!! Enjoying every aspect: people, community, neighbors, family, plants and dearly, dearly beloved cats… Enjoying these change of season! Enjoying festivities, the glorious fall and the harvest… Gearing up of a productive winter season. Soon, I will be moving for a new job opportunity, and making my self ready for change, and for a whole new path…

In response to Kathi’s post:
very nice Kathi!

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise- for feeling and being receptive to this moment
Purpose- creating something enjoyable and healthy for myself, my family unit, my daily connections of service, my future vision of being and loving
Passion- for living my life on purpose -spirit connected
Play – to feel that sense of play (dance in my spirit) because I Am dancing within and never ever alone. I am beyond grateful and appreciative of the love of my compassionate loving Creator, and the ways that I Am given to understand this love, joy and passion for living… daily.

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise for the cool fall weather! It feels really good and it makes me more grateful for my tiny apartment/home. And, it makes me feel like doing some heathy home cooking.

Purpose: My purpose is growth; learning to live my life in all stages, and being self aware/ conscious of self and others… and wanting to connect with other like minded people.

Passion: My greatest passion is LIFE! There is so many great things that I want to do, and see and taste!!! And, I am so alive to enjoying this moment! I don’t need any big trip or any big complex vacation, or get into debt just to enjoy the absolute boundlessness of my now! I am in to the feeling of bliss, and creating more avenues for discovering more bliss in my now…

Play: Enjoying the fall season, and the changing of leaves. Also enjoying the meator showers.

Praise- for the awareness of co-creation and simply allowing/being
Purpose- to be in harmony with that which betters myself, and somehow helping others in the process
Passion- for my purpose
Play – allowing play to be part of my spirit’s energy

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise: for this New Day! Fill this day up with goodness and get caught loving life!! What a Gift today is!! And, I’m off today, and I want to go workout and swim in the gym! I want to go sweat, and stretch and be healthy!

Purpose: Connection and experience. Wanting to connect with amazing spontaneity and powerful clarity.

Passion: Being fully in my Now… and into creation of and experience of joy, health, wellbeing, kindness and compassion, self love, success, prosperity, abundance, peace, serenity, and…bliss

Play: Embracing health, laughter, making my body sweat, loving my body today!! Healthy thoughts, healthy food, and celebrate Life’s bounty!!

In response to Kathi’s post: liking that Kathi! Thanks for further inspiration(:
I enjoy this affirmation:
I wake up every new morning to love and joy

Praise: I love this thread!
Purpose- Loving finding all that resonates with what is working for my moment
Passion- for ‘making’ every moment count with supportive energy
Play- Play… I love making play… somehow part of all of my effort (s)

I Am loving this moment!






I Am living a Divine plan

In response to going w/self-care flow’s post:

In response to Kathi’s post:
my pleasure(:

  • ~
    Praise- for being blessed as I am & the joy in sharing in blessings w/and for others
    Purpose- recognizing blessings everywhere
    Passion- for recognizing how life is truly an awesome gift
    Play – to feel as the universe is our playground, and I find fun in ‘recess’ and in the ‘work’

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play




Praise -I am giving myself credit for allowing myself  to ease into things needing my energy... to give to others more easily .

Purpose - Taking care of myself leaves more energy not only for myself ...It also allows me to create & give to others in ways desired

Passion - I am passionate about living well 

Play -I enjoy creating with whatever I am doing with a gentle spirit & playfulness.



I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising myself for the deep self honesty that is taking place in my life. I love how it revealed and reinforced my very purpose in life.

Purpose - I am loving that knowing the

whys of honest to goodness selfcare has surfaced in more powerful inspiring ways

Passion - I am now more passionate about being my best self in the most demonstrative progressive ways from my inner being to my outward daily life.


Play -I love the newer lightheartedness that is showing up in my daily life.



I Am living a Divine plan

In response to Sacred Care's post:

Thanks for finding this! I've enjoyed re-reading this!

Praise: Grateful for new growth, new possibility. New roads. New confidence. New day. New way. Freedom to release everything that no longer serves me. Freedom to repurpose my priorities. Freedom!! 


Purpose: Soul purpose. Serve and assist others. Love myself and love my physical body. Embrace who and what and All that I am! 


Passion: Fall in love with this life. Radical self acceptance! Always growing.  


Play: Daily joy, daily bliss. Daily peace, kindness and compassion. 

In response to Kathi's post:

truly love it!


love it for you,love it for me{Your list resonated with me too!}

this thread is genius!!!

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising myself for adding a bit more 'toughness' to my vibrational energy. .

Purpose - My purpose is getting such clarification, and I am not willing to do anything less than give it my authentically  sincere loving spirit-voice.

Passion - I am now more passionate about bringing the things I need cared for and completed at a wonderful foundational level to catapult my external world.


Play -I love the joy that is always within me as I lightheartedly and willingly  take part in my newer routines and the intention behind them.



I Am living a Divine plan

In response to Sacred Care's post:

Beautiful!! I feel you getting stronger and more cat like!!! Thats a compliment!!!

In response to Kathi's post:

Thank you, Kathi!!

Funny, I felt what you were saying about the cat, and loved the energy-pic that I felt.

Again, thanks for acknowledging me!

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising myself for allowing myself all that provides peace for me.


Purpose - My purpose in life doesn't get quality focus without my inner calm self. 

Passion - I am passionate about providing peace for myself to bring more love and joy to all I am and do-for myself and with/for others.


Play -I love the fun creative  ways I inspire myself to give myself a playful day.





I Am living a Divine plan

Praise: Grateful for all these Gifts! Learning everyday how to live this life and take loving care of myself, my health, my spirit and nurturing inner joy, inner resilience, snd nurture my faith. 

Purpose: Love. Forgiveness. Service. Joy!

Passion: Passionate about inner beauty, inner peace and soul purpose. 

Play: Being in the moment. Being light in spirit and connecting with other in mutually beneficial ways. Being free from daily doubts and being connected to lifes' power of re-birth, renewal and unlimited possibilities!

In response to Kathi's post:

so lovely!

you are a beautiful Light.

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise: I praise possibilities

Purpose: I value the clarity I've been feeling with regard to purpose

Passion: I'm feeling passionate about being... all choices ... because they are coming from a place that feels so right.

Play: I'm enjoying the playfulness I'm including in everyday life.


I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play


I praise myself for viewing vulnerability, transparency, and sharing as meaningful and rewarding.

I celebrate myself for walking my talk.



-My purpose which includes whole person self care is Growing into more of the action I have desired for evolving reasons.


-I am passionate about living my better better life.

The self care of myself and others is a passion of mine.

I am extremely passionate about my whys and ways which support my purpose.


I enjoy bringing lightheartedness to all areas of my life.


I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play


I praise God for things I had patience and faith for and the better better better that has come into fruition



I am grateful for the life I have been given and the love and purpose that continually presents itself


I am passionate about living my life well and feeling the enjoyment rise


I enjoy playing with joyful thought and how it influences my sense of play

I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play


I praise God for more family in my life.




I am grateful to know love as my purpose



I am passionate about living a life allowing the love that is

and choose to be the love I Am



I enjoy co-creating my day with an energy

of loving playfulness


I Am living a Divine plan


Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising Bmindful... every member who has assisted themselves and others over the years and for the future to come

Purpose - I am loving that knowing I am continuously  fulfilling the inspired action led by the joy in my heart


Passion - I am loving the passion that is reinforced by my spirit place and the actions it lives in my everyday life with my self and others.



Play -I love playfulness. I choose to live with my playful spirit




I Am living a Divine plan


Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising this day and its possibilities

Purpose - I am co-creating a day which will add more value to myself and others

Passion - I am a passionate co-creator.

Play -I will love and share with a spirit of joyful spirited playfulness.

I Am living a Divine plan


Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising life. 

Purpose - I am allowing clarity to surface with the energy and action in succeeding with all connected to my heart felt purpose.


Passion - I am  passionate about my mind's eye view of my future. I show this as I carry out tasks and feel harmonious rhythm as a successful co-creator.

Play -I enjoy lightheartedness and fun as I love this day and life.


I Am living a Divine plan

Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am praising the ability to appreciate and allow good feelings

Purpose - I am allowing joy to lead my heart.

Passion - I am passionate about my sharing and being joy

Play -I have a lot of work to do today, and I choose to call it play

(and I've said this before-I LOVE THIS THREAD! thank you kATHI, for creating it)heart-and-vines-hi.png

I Am living a Divine plan


Praise, Purpose, Passion, and Play

Praise -I am still praising the ability to appreciate and allow good feelings

Purpose - I am allowing my spirit place to lead the way, and it never steers me wrong.

Passion - I am passionate about what my day will bring because I know in advance all is very very well

Play -My spirit of play is melding with high frequency to enjoy, create, and allow the Good my Spirit knows is ready and already there for me and those I love

This thread is genius! 

I Am living a Divine plan

Wow, its such a pleasure to look back with satisfaction, and see the many layers of growth...

I see that I am still strong, still growing, I am resilient, I am in fact thriving. What I see is the transition of what constitutes strength. I see this newly. More specifically, the things that are new perceptions include being neutral, allowing things to pass without interfering... just not resisting things as they occur.  I see that I've learned to adapt and continually grow inner strength, tolerance and trust...

I see a will that is willing to use everything that is favorable to inner growth...

Internally, I have grown, I have risen, I have evolved with time, I see that my experience of joy is nurturing me then and now in this very moment...

I see the I am able to be deeply nurtured instantanously without conscious awareness of it, and I make use and make instant adjustments with a beat of my heart.

I observe that I have created diverse ways to nurture  my will and my relationship with my core values that cannot be easily depleted or diminished. I observe that I have a daily walk which every day, I deepen and affirm my alignment with my core values. These core values are an interwoven part of my being. I see now how extensive the growth of my bond has become...

I do see collateral growth that supports the existance of not just inner fortitude but of love and of a living peace. Like a hidden healing garden... I see many things that open access, and on every level, understanding is a core virtue... I see that understanding is foundational to acceptance, trust, inner growth, inner surrender and for balanced flow of energy...

I see that generosity is a major tool in the tool box of life.  The more generous I am with my self and with others, the easier it is to maintain flow and flow's loving energy... with energy, the more you use it the greater its flow...

As I look back over the last 3 years since this thread was created, I have a wealth of joy and gratitude for everything.  All of the people, and how we mutually grew and benefited from our encounters. Its like we encountered each other as we individually encountered our self as our paths intertwined. And the same could be applied to siblings and our children...

Life is such a precious gift, and we do influence one another... and that is energy that continues to exist and is a part of our growth.


Praise: I thank God for a recent healing miracle.  I didn't ask but I did receive and am still being given a gift of healing.  With all that I have been given, I understand how I can be as patient with others as God as been patient with me on my path... You know, I heard, but I did not understand; now I am on the other side of that... There has been a vast constellation of inner learning and inner development. Even though it feels like it has been rapid, at the same time, it feels like a lifetime achievement in inner surrender... in harmony, listening to goodness and hearing the sounds of love at the same time as the sound of alignment and somehow feeling a connection to the center where wisdom and love are sourced...

Purpose: Love. Growth. Generosity. 

Passion: Connection and contribution. I take all that is offered in gratitude! 

Play: Getting into music. New to keyboards and wanting to spend time and enjoy both learning and creating with music. Loving our earth and loving the young people who are helping us to join them in healing the earth and making better, healthier choices.

In response to LifeEasier&Easier's post:

Very beautiful!! I love the flow of energy that is always ready to embrace spreading joy and possibility!



In response to rational inquirer's post:

looking forward to watching

thanks for sharinglaughing

In response to Kathi's post:

be back soon to respondlaughing

I Am living a Divine plan

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